Business elective options

Students in the Entrepreneurship Stream must take graduate computer science electives, graduate business courses, and courses related to their entrepreneurship work term. 

These courses will give you the framework to combine your technical knowledge with the business knowledge needed to start your own for-profit business or social enterprise. 

  • BUSI 5902: Starting Lean
    Gain a real-world, hands-on look at what it's like - and what it will take - to start a scalable company or enterprise. 
  • BUSI 6001: New Venture Creation
    Learn about the proess of creating new businesses, working through experiential exercises, and a major project that will expose you to the issues and challenges of creating viable new businesses. 
  • BUSI 6007: Innovation Management Work through the process of identifying innovation opportunities; managing the innovation process and executing entrepreneurial marketing strategies to successfully manage emerging ventures.
  • 2 x BUSI courses offered as part of Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) Atlantic Program An opportunity available only to students in the Master of Applied Computer Science program beginning in September 2019. The CDL-Atlantic program uses a competition-based model for accepting students into the program, so entry is not guaranteed.

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