Your entrepreneurship community

Dalhousie University recognizes the impact it has as a hub for innovation and the role we play in one of the province's greatest competitive advantages. 

Dalhousie hosts three inter-university sandboxes. Sandboxes are collaborative, interdisciplinary spaces where students can come together with peers, mentors and external advisors to take business concepts from idea to execution. The information communications technology innovation space at Dal is ShiftKey Labs, headquartered in the Faculty of Computer Science.

Halifax start-up ecosystem

The Halifax start-up ecosystem is strong. Halifax is home to many support networks that will help you get started: from the design and innovation component in university; to incubators and accelerators; to early-stage investment supports.

Nova Scotia supports international entrepreneurs

In an effort to attract, retain, and support entrepreneurs, Nova Scotia will be launching an International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream on January 1, 2016. This provides immigration opportunity for students who have graduated from a Nova Scotia university and have started their own business. Learn more about the benefits of this once you've completed your entrepreneurship stream in MACS.