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Learn more about the flags flown on campus and their protocols.

Lowering flags to half-mast

It is tradition to honour the passing of an individual who fits the criteria below by flying all flags located on Dalhousie campuses at half-mast. Flags are lowered as soon as possible after notice of death is published and are raised the morning following the funeral or memorial service, or after two days if no service is to be held.

  1. His Majesty, the King, and members of the Royal Family
  2. Governor-General of Canada and the Prime Minister (former and current)
  3. Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia (current)
  4. A registered member of the student body 
  5. A member of the Board of Governors
  6. An active staff or faculty member
  7. A Professor Emeritus
  8. Holders of Honorary Degrees from Dalhousie University 
  9. Other, at the discretion of the President

For inquiries about the flag protocol, contact the President's Office.


Complete and submit this form to notify us of a death in the Dal community.