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High-impact research

Our researchers are scholars, innovators, and entrepreneurs who drive Dalhousie’s positive impact on society.

A researcher wearing purple gloves peers through a microscope.


We will evaluate our progress via a suite of performance measures that track our research income and outputs, our collaborative research activity, and our impact on society.


  1. As we continue to fully support our Research and Innovation Strategic Direction, Dalhousie will encourage and support emerging areas of discovery and exploration that may lead to potential world-leading pre-eminence and are also aligned with community, provincial, and regional needs, and target internal, philanthropic, and other investments to develop the full potential of our research clusters.
  2. Enhance logistical research services, funding, and other supports for our research communities. In turn, the Dalhousie community will maintain a high standard of research and scholarly excellence that fully considers ethical and social dimensions of its impact and is celebrated through multiple dimensions of dissemination, diverse grant capture opportunities, industrial and philanthropic partnerships, research networks, and multi-faceted community engagement.
  3. Through collaborative efforts between Research & Innovation and Government & Global Relations, identify and nurture new research networks, nationally and internationally, with particular focus on high-value partnerships.
  4. Increase the number and diversity of our PhD and post-doctoral scholars by attracting new sources of funding, working with other institutions and global partners, and reinforcing our efforts to enhance the professional development of our PhD students to facilitate access to an expanding number of career opportunities.
  5. Intensify our effort to expand and strengthen our R&D linkages with industry and community partners and sharpen our focus on mission-oriented, problem-solving research and policy-relevant community outreach and communication. We will use the framework of the UN SDGs to ensure local and global consequence.
  6. Formalize and streamline Innovation and Entrepreneurship (I&E) programming across Dalhousie in keeping with national and global growth in the startup economy and social enterprise in ways that benefit our region and further drive our industry engagement.
  7. Collect and share essential research performance data to refine Dalhousie’s rankings submissions and raise awareness of our accomplishments with a view to ensuring that our efforts are reflected in Dalhousie’s place in national and global university rankings.
  8. Integrate sustainability, environmental responsibility, social justice, and climate change themes in funding campaigns to support the UN SDG goals and clusters embedded within Dalhousie’s Research and Innovation Strategic Direction.