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Our partners

Impactful global partnerships are central in positioning Dalhousie as a leading civic university with global impact.

Across the university, international partnerships contribute to high-impact research, exceptional student experiences, campus diversity, and local and global capacity building.  

Two female international students ask a question of a counsellor while consulting a textbook
291 global partnerships
213 partner institutions
57 countries

Global Partnerships

Dalhousie fosters global partnerships and collaborative activities that reflect regional strategies, thematic areas of strength in academics and research, and our pillars of internationalization. We will continuously look to foster and grow partnerships that reflect these aligned priorities.

Current partnerships

Dalhousie maintains formal partnerships with 200+ institutions in about 60 countries.

Key types of collaboration include:

  • Joint Programs (Bachelors, Masters, PhD)

  • Articulation and progression programs

  • Student mobility, faculty mobility 

  • Joint research and supervision

  • Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)

  • Capacity building projects

  • Transnational education  

Need more information?

For more info on Global Partnership at Dalhousie University, please contact:

Megan Chipp | Director, Global Partnerships | Government and Global Relations