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Ouriginal plagiarism detection

Ouriginal (formerly Urkund) is a practical tool for plagiarism control and has been integrated with Dalhousie's Brightspace.

About Ouriginal

Ouriginal is used extensively by academic organizations worldwide and is the leading web-based system for plagiarism prevention.

Regardless of the tools faculty members use to check the integrity of students' academic work, our decisions to investigate the originality of a particular document are often guided by two strongly held values.

  1. The first is the importance of academic integrity in all aspects of our work. Students trust that integrity when they use existing scholarship in their work, and in turn, their work should be as trustworthy to others.
  2. The second value is fairness in evaluating student work. Faculty members strive to ensure that no student gains unearned credit or advantage through plagiarism.

How Ouriginal works

Students send their assignments for analysis via email or direct upload. Ouriginal automatically checks texts against the internet, archives, and databases, reporting any similarities, and offers source track-back in an easy-to-operate analysis. Ouriginal then presents the information you require to determine whether the text contains plagiarism.

Get help setting up Ouriginal

To use Ouriginal, your course must have an associated Brightspace page. If you require assistance in setting up a Brightspace section for your course, or if you have any technical issues, please contact Instructional Support: