President's message

Deep Saini, President & Vice-Chancellor of Dalhousie University

What would it take to lift Dalhousie University, widely recognized as one of Canada’s best, into the community of the world’s greatest universities?

And while on that journey, how can we do our absolute best to serve our communities here at home, helping lift their aspirations to the same heights?

These questions served as our guiding light as we invited our diverse constituents for ideas to help shape our collective path for the next five years—a roadmap that will help us build on achievements of the past two centuries and guide us towards the promise of our third century. A product of an unprecedented level of engagement, this plan builds on our momentum, reflecting our ambition to accelerate Dalhousie’s ascent to a much higher level of achievement, inclusion, service, and consequent impact.

This plan embodies our promise—the promise to give our collective best, continually push the limits, ensure that opportunities and benefits are equitably available and attainable, and rededicate ourselves to be the lever of economic and social uplift of our diverse communities. The leading edge of this promise is excellence in everything we do, but excellence that is simultaneously and demonstrably also inclusive, recognizing that true institutional excellence is unattainable unless it equitably fosters opportunities for every member of Dalhousie and the communities we serve to attain their best, regardless of their background or circumstance. We do so by relentlessly striving to eliminate barriers to full participation, belonging, and success.

We flourish or fall with the fortunes of the communities we reside in. Therefore, we recognize that it is in both our self-interest and our social duty to be a leading instrument of strengthening our province and our region. Just as importantly, Dalhousie also has the depth, scale, reach, and partnerships to extend our impact far beyond our geographic base. This plan is thus also our promise to deploy our research, scholarship, and innovation capabilities to help improve the human condition from local to global levels.

Dalhousie begins its third century with much to be proud of. Enrolment is at a record high, with more than 20,000 students, and international enrolment has grown by more than 300 per cent over the past decade, attracting students from approximately 120 countries. We have pushed annual external research funding above $180 million and we stand among global leaders in research impact. Our ties to our communities are stronger than ever. The experience of the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that we can work together through great challenges and emerge stronger. This plan for the next five years now guides us forward towards our long-term vision. We have conceived and shaped this plan together – it is an expression of our collective ambition and will, and together we bear the responsibility to bring it to fruition. Together, we are ready to live up to and fulfill our Third Century Promise, extending and growing our enduring positive impact on Nova Scotia, Canada, and the world.

Deep Saini
President & Vice-Chancellor

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Our mission, vision and values

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Our shared plan