Ian Nason

Vice-president, finance & administration


Ian Nason is Dalhousie’s vice-president, finance and administration and has spent more than 30 years as a member of the university’s financial services group. Mr. Nason initially joined Dalhousie in 1982 and became director of financial services in 1991. He subsequently served as assistant vice-president, financial services before taking on the vice-president role in 2014.

Mr. Nason has overseen major transformation at Dalhousie, including the adoption of ever-evolving information technology and the establishment of stable financial management practices. His financial acumen and ability to form strong working relationships across the university has helped Dalhousie meet objectives in teaching, research and service.

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Ian Nason has enjoyed a long-term commitment to Dalhousie since joining the university in 1982. He was appointed director of financial services in 1991 before assuming the title of assistant vice-president, financial services in 2004. In addition to more than 30 years as a Dal administrator, he is one of several family members who are Dal graduates.

Given his long association with and affinity for Dalhousie, Mr. Nason notes warmly that “(Dal) is a great institution and a great contributor to the community.”

Mr. Nason has played an important leadership role in the Dal community, ensuring the kind of financial stability that has allowed the university to achieve its academic, research and service objectives. His responsibilities include overseeing Dalhousie's Financial Services department (which includes budgets and financial analysis, the controller's office, the procurement group and the treasury function).

Since taking on the role of vice-president, finance and administration in 2014, Mr. Nason’s duties have expanded to include responsibilities in the areas of facilities management, ancillary services, information technology, human resources, health and safety and sustainability groups.

In other words, Mr. Nason’s leadership and decision-making impacts just about everything that happens at Dalhousie.

“Our task is to be as supportive as we can to the academic mission,” says Mr. Nason.  

Mr. Nason has guided the university through many substantial changes in his three decades at Dal. “In the early 1980s we were running a financial system that had basically been developed in-house. It was powered by a mini-computer and supported by manual processes and lots of paper."

In terms of financial management, improvements have been made in the way Dalhousie manages financial information. Notably, the university has achieved balanced budgets for the past quarter-century.

“Creating a stable foundation is a task that has spanned my career here, and it’s required the participation and cooperation of a lot of individuals," says Mr. Nason, who credits his colleagues throughout the university for contributing to Dalhousie's success.

For Mr. Nason, seeing faculty and students benefit from this stable foundation makes the challenging work and tough decisions worthwhile.

“A few years ago I attended a convocation, after not having attended one since my own,” he recalls. “When you see the graduating students walk across the stage, that’s when you see exactly why we do what we do.”

Quick facts

  • Part of a team that has balanced Dalhousie's budgets for more than 25 years
  • Is a Dal graduate, along with several family members