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Dal Originals

They inspired, challenged and strengthened Dalhousie and the world.
Now it’s time to share their stories.

The story of Dalhousie’s 200 years evolves from the stories of our people—the pioneers, innovators, creators and thinkers whose contributions and actions have made Dalhousie what it is today.

They’re people like George Munro, who saved us from financial ruin; James Robinson Johnston, the first Black Nova Scotian to graduate from university; alumna Kathryn Sullivan, the first American woman to walk in space; historian Peter Waite, who inspired countless students and captured 160 years of Dal history in book form; Arthur B. McDonald, Nobel Prize winner and Dal grad; alumna Bertha Wilson, the first woman appointed to Canada’s Supreme Court. And the list goes on. These are our graduates, faculty, students, staff and friends. And, collectively, they are the Dal Originals.

Through their strength, determination and courage, these people enabled Dalhousie to expand the world’s knowledge and improve the human condition. They inspired us, challenged us and helped build Dalhousie into a national and international post-secondary institution.

These are the Dalhousie people whose stories we must capture, honour, share and never forget.

Led by Dal Archives and a team of university volunteers, this project will form the foundation of an oral history for Dalhousie, while allowing us to introduce and celebrate Dal Originals throughout 2018. For those Originals who are no longer with us, we will find other voices to tell their stories.