Future of Dal's Campuses

Major Capital Projects

The purpose of a new capital project and major renovation is to support the goals of the university through fostering academic innovation, enriching student experience, strengthening enrolment, supporting research excellence, developing outstanding human resources, sustaining campus renewal, ensuring financial stability, and engaging our community.

Dalhousie University is strongly committed to the future and making positive improvements to facilities and infrastructure to ensure that Dalhousie remains one of the top universities in the country.

The university is taking significant strides towards improving the condition of facilities through a combination of new projects and the renewal of existing buildings. 

Active Projects

Dalhousie Event Centre

Ruminant Animal Centre (RAC) Feed Barn and Interpretative Centre

The destruction of the Feed Barn by a fire in 2015 allowed the Faculty of Agriculture to replace the feed barn systems and envision a much needed space for an interpretative centre incorporated into the barn.

Visit the RAC page for details.

Budget: $3.4 M


Expanded Arts Centre

A $38.5-million expansion to the Dalhousie Arts Centre is being built to accommodate the new scope of the Fountain School of Performing Arts.

Visit the Expanded Arts Centre page for details.

Budget: $38.5 M


Dalhousie Thermal Plant Renewal Project

Dalhousie’s 40-year old heating plant is at capacity. The university must replace existing equipment or invest in a new system capable of generating enough heating and cooling to meet the demands of a growing campus.

Learn more on the Dalhousie Thermal Plant Renewal Project web page.

Budget: $40 M

Bicentennial Common (Planning)

Dalhousie's campus master plan (2010) calls for the 60,000 square-foot area at the top of University Avenue, adjacent to the Killam Library, to be re-designed into a vibrant and diverse outdoor public space. At the time of adopting the campus master plan, this space was only known as the Lower Quad. Today, the plan intends to link the space with Dalhousie's history - and is now known as the Bicentennial Common.

To learn more, visit the Bicentennial Common project page.


G Building Renovation

Dalhousie University's Faculty of Engineering requires a space to house research equipment on Sexton Campus in Halifax. There is an under-utilized space in the G Building which would serve this purpose well. It was formerly an electrical and mechanical infrastructure space but was made redundant during recent upgrades to the F and P Buildings. The plans for this space include the intended exterior rendering of the renovated space. It includes rooftop mechanical equipment that is required by HRM Planning to be set back from the roof edge by 3.0 metres. The mechanical equipment is currently located between 0.7-1.2m from the roof edge due to the limited roof area. As shown in the rendering, an Architectural Roof Screen will be installed to conceal the rooftop mechanical equipment.

Dalhousie is seekiing feedback from the public about this variance from HRM guidelines. Feedback can be directed to the Dalhousie Senior Project Manager by email to Garry.Martell@dal.ca.