Teaching, Learning and Research

Our commitment: Dalhousie University is a leader in inclusive and accessible teaching and learning, and collaborative research on accessibility. 



Ensure that Dalhousie research centres and institutes working in the area of accessibility consistently demonstrate engagement in accessibility and disabilities studies in their annual reports and strategic plans


Actively promote and encourage opportunities for faculty and students to engage in accessibility, disabilities studies, and research related to accessibility and disability studies (e.g., Healthy Populations Institute)


Develop and deliver accessibility education and capacity building for faculty, staff, students, including assistive technology and student learning strategies


Establish and communicate standards regarding use of ableist language in curriculum, syllabi, policies and processes through department heads/unit directors, in concert with equity, diversity, inclusion and accessibility committees, curriculum committees and the Centre for Learning and Teaching (CLT)


Create pathways to support post-graduation employment, additional education, and other opportunities for students with disabilities


Develop and introduce an Accessible Course Design Policy, which includes a commitment to increasing accessibility technology in the online environment and a commitment to universal design for learning (UDL) principles and provision for faculty education. Ensure alignment with and connectivity between this policy and the Course Syllabus Policy 


Support faculty members with disabilities in accessing and being successful in research environments


Invest in technology to support accessible learning, including technology to support alternative format course material, up-to-date assistive technology, assistive listening systems in classrooms and auditoriums, and training