Student Satisfaction

What our students say

  • 83% of graduating students say Dal met or exceeded their expectations
  • 88% would recommend Dalhousie to others
  • 89% say they were satisfied or very satisfied with their decision to attend Dalhousie

Why do students choose Dal?

The top three answers:

  1. It has the program I want to take
  2. The academic reputation of the university
  3. The city/town it’s in

And here's what they have to say about campus life

The percentage of graduating students who said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the following at Dal:

  • International student services: 99%
  • Study skills/learning support: 93%
  • Services for students with disabilities: 92%
  • Personal safety on campus: 90%
  • Developing lasting friendships: 88%
  • Services for students needing financial aid: 84%
  • Dal’s commitment to environmental sustainability: 80%
  • Career counselling services: 79%
Data Source: Canadian University Survey Consortium (CUSC) Graduating Student Survey 2015 and First Year Students' Survey, 2016