Regional Maritime Security Project ‑ Archived

What We Do

Since 1999 the Centre’s Regional Maritime Security Project (RMSP) has been bringing together scholars, practitioners, diplomats and decision-makers to identify and better understand how maritime security issues are understood in various regions around the world, and what scholars and decision makers elsewhere, particularly in Canada, should understand about them. 

Why We Do It

The project is evolving constantly to match interests with opportunities, but broadly speaking it has three core objectives:

  • enabling participants to understand regional perspectives on regional issues;
  • building connections and nurturing an informal global community of experts; and
  • contributing to “Track Two” dialogue in which people from different sides of a conflict or policy disagreement can meet in an informal private capacity to explore mutually beneficial ideas.


Over the years the project has been engaged in, or associate with, a wide range of initiatives, detailed in the following links.

For more information
Please feel free to contact the Project coordinator, David Griffiths