RMS Americas


Canada and Maritime Dimensions of Regional Security

Regional Maritime Security in the Americas

(Halifax, 14-16 May 1999)

The first of the Project's regional workshops addressed Regional Maritime Security in the Americas, and was held in Halifax between 14 and 16 May, 1999. It was timed to coincide with the presence in Halifax of Argentine and United States naval officers participating with their Canadian Navy counterparts in Trilateral War Games at the Canadian Forces Maritime Warfare Centre. The workshop coordinator was Commander Ed. Tummers, then serving Defence Fellow at the Centre. On completion of the workshop, it was decided to provide all participants with minimally edited copies of the presentations in the form of a bound volume of Working Papers, annotated as being “For discussion purposes only” and “Not for citation without the author’s permission.” This approach was intended to provide raw data to the Core Group quickly and to serve as a basis for a later analysis to be published at the completion of the project.

Subsequent Activities

The Project has not addressed the Americas region since the 1999 workshop because the Centre's wider annual maritime conferences have been dealing with issues relevant to the Americas in general and the Canada-United States relationship in particular.  Details can be found on the Centre's Events page.


Tummers, Ed (ed), Regional Maritime Security in the Americas: Working Papers. Halifax: Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Dalhousie University,1999.