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East Coast Crowdmark Grading & Assessment Summit

Posted by Faculty of Computer Science on April 18, 2024 in General Announcements

Calling all educators! You're invited to join our East Coast Crowdmark Grading & Assessment Summit hosted by Dalhousie University and Crowdmark on May 8. 

This dynamic event will showcase presentations from top faculty and experts in the region exploring innovative solutions to common assessment challenges, learn time-saving grading strategies, and explore new ways to enhance your feedback methods. This hybrid event is designed to provide attendees with thought-provoking insights on modern approaches to grading and assessment, as well as practical takeaways and new strategies to try in your classroom!

If teaching and learning, collaborating with fellow educators, and improving your processes for grading and assessment are sentiments that register with you, we invite you to register for this complimentary event.

Some themes that will be explored include:

  • Efficiency: Ensuring consistency with administration and optimizing the grading process
  • Flexibility: Evolution of assessment in a hybrid world and how to make the demands of flexibility manageable
  • Learning: Using feedback & analytics to identify opportunities for earlier intervention
  • AI and assessment: Learn what evaluation methods through innovative AI technologies Educators are exploring in their classrooms.

The program will be offered in a hybrid format, with in-person and remote attendance options. The room is 429/430, Goldberg Computer Science Building. The event will be offered in three plenary sessions. Attendees are welcome to attend any session based on their availability and interest.

Registration is now open: