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DSU Health and Dental Plan summer term enrollment

Posted by DSU Health Insurance Plan Office on April 15, 2024 in General Announcements

The Summer Term enrollment period is now open at and will remain open until the date that tuition is due to the university in May.

Students are not automatically enrolled in the Health & Dental Plan (H&D) 0091936000 during the summer and are only eligible to be put on the plan if they are starting their studies in May. Those enrolled in the plan have coverage from May 1 to the end of the policy year, August 31, 2024. The cost, $159.98, needs to be paid out of the pocket on

Enrollment in the International Health Plan is based on whether a student is registered as international or is paying international tuition during the summer term. They will be automatically enrolled in the International Health Plan at the start of the summer term with coverage from May 1 until August 31. The cost of the International Health Plan is included in their tuition. 

International students who go on co-op should confirm they have coverage under a primary care plan such as the International Health Plan before they depart for their work term by reaching out to

International students are automatically enrolled in the International Health Plan during the term their studies begin each policy year, and the cost of their plan pro-rated with coverage in the summer term running from May 1 – August 31. The cost of summer enrollment in the International Health Plan is $246.92.

International Students can opt-out from their International Health Plan if they can provide proof of being enrolled in an alternate, comparable, plan during the enrollment period.

Examples of these include:

  • Sponsored coverage
  • Students on inbound exchange
  • Private coverage that meets the following requirements
    • Policy document must state:  
    • Your name  
    • Policy number  
    • Dates of coverage (must be valid for full duration of study/time in Canada)  
    • Policy document in English must be provided.  
    • Health cards are not accepted.  
    • The policy must provide and state the following:  
    • Minimum of 2 million dollars in coverage in Canadian funds– please consider exchange rates.  
    • Coverage for doctor visits, inpatient and outpatient expenses, surgery, lab tests, diagnostic imaging (x-rays), repatriation and medical evacuation.  
    • Your coverage cannot have the following exclusions:  
    • Injury or death while under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicants, or  
    • Injury or death due to self-harm, or attempted self-inflicted injury, attempted suicide or suicide.  
  • Students who are enrolled with MSI – Nova Scotia’s provincial health insurance plan.
  • Students covered by MSI can opt-out outside of the enrollment period as coverage for this plan is offered throughout the year by the province once eligibility requirements are met. Information about eligibility for MSI can be found at

Family coverage is available for those interested in purchasing the plan during the opt-in period in which the student’s studies begin, each policy year. Health and Dental Plan opt-ins are paid for out of pocket, but international enrollment will have this charge added to your tuition fees. For international family members who arrive in Canada outside of the opt-in period and are looking for coverage under the International Health Plan, students can reach out to my office to coordinate this coverage. The cost of enrollment in family coverage is charged in addition to the cost of single enrollment.

Questions about enrollment and coverage can be directed to