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Parking closure and LSC maintenance work March 1–4

Posted by Facilities Management on February 29, 2024 in Facilities Management

Several dozen parking spaces near the Wallace McCain Learning Commons (WLMC) will be blocked off starting Friday evening, March 1 to allow for a crane to set up for necessary maintenance work. All the sidewalks and entry points leading to or passing through the parking lot will be closed as well until Monday morning, March 4.

The entrance to the WLMC will remain open.

The crane will enable work on the roof of the LSC which will mean the Biology tower will be closed for 48 hours starting Friday evening 5PM March 1 and concluding at midnight Sunday March 3. This work is required to ensure the ongoing reliability of the building’s critical systems, as well as the installation of a new fumehood. 

In preparation for this, all fume hoods in both the Biology and Earth Sciences tower must be shut down and closed before 5 p.m. local time on Friday, March 1.

To assist in preparing your areas for this outage, and to ensure the ongoing safety of those completing the repairs and maintenance, please ensure to complete the below in all lab areas:

  1. Powering down and/or disconnecting any laboratory equipment which may create fumes/vapours/aerosols and/or heat.
  2. Turning off any process gasses, process liquids, or water supplies to equipment.
  3. Properly stoppering/capping, and storing, all laboratory chemicals that may be present within the laboratory area.
  4. Fully emptying all fumehoods of chemicals and closing all fumehood sashes.
  5. On Friday evening, please avoid parking in the area bordered by the LSC and Castine Way - from the NRC parkade to the Wallace McCain Learning Commons.  This area will be required to facilitate crane and decontamination areas, so must be free of all vehicles.

If anyone has any concerns or questions about this outage, please contact Project Manager Avinash Emandi at