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Seeking volunteers for inpatient study

Posted by Canadian Center for Vaccinology on February 28, 2024 in General Announcements

Take part in this inpatient study to help Halifax researchers learn about whooping cough.

Current whooping cough vaccines have reduced case numbers, but the disease is still common and can be serious for infants. The Canadian Center for Vaccinology is looking for volunteers to be a part of an inpatient study on the disease.

In this study, healthy adult volunteers are carefully exposed to whooping cough and stay in the Challenge Unit for 16-21 days. Participants may experience mild symptoms and are closely monitored by healthcare professionals. Hobbies, remote work, or studying is welcome.

To participate, you must be 18-40 years old and in stable health. Participants are compensated for their time.

To learn more or sign up, visit or email