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Ergo on the Go: Solutions for Hybrid Work

Posted by Faculty of Health, School of Occupational Therapy @Work Project on January 26, 2023 in Community Highlights

@WORK project serving Dalhousie Faculty and Staff during Ergo Blitz week

In 2014, When Dalhousie Custodial Service Manager Michael Campbell was looking for ways to reduce and manage injuries among his custodial staff, he thought, “Why hire outside when we have a School filled with eager occupational therapy students right on campus?”. This question marked the first step toward the development of the @WORK project. With the support of the School of Occupational Therapy Director, discussions between Mr. Campbell and School faculty member, Karen Joudrey determined that the School would work collaboratively with Dalhousie’s Custodial Service to find the solutions for their occupational therapy needs.

The established goal of the @WORK project was to support the Dalhousie community to stay safe and succeed at work, by working collaboratively to learn and educate. In short, occupational therapy students involved with the @WORK project would work, under the supervision of licensed Occupational Therapists, to apply their developing skills to promote organizational health within the Dalhousie University Community.

The initiative has become so successful over the years, it has gone beyond assisting Dalhousie’s custodial staff and has branched out to include a wide range of Dalhousie’s faculties and service departments.

Case in point, this week the @WORK project is facilitating a live, virtual, interactive workshop on office ergonomics entitled "Ergo on the Go: Solutions for Hybrid Work".

Here's the link to register:    Feel free to forward the link to anyone within Dal who you think might be interested!