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Dalbox Sprint Program

Posted by SURGE on September 20, 2022 in General Announcements

DalBox SPRINT is a fun extra-curricular program to build your network, make new friends, and develop tools applicable to all avenues of life. 

This 6-week program is an introduction to collaborative, team-based problem solving which gives participants opportunities to work on a diverse team to develop potential solutions to current issues in a positive, supportive, success-oriented setting.  

You'll learn to embrace design-thinking to focus on the needs of those who experience the problem and include them in the process.  This method provides a valuable toolkit to use for your future work and is a valuable approach which increases the potential success of your solution. 

You'll learn how to examine a problem from all sides, to brainstorm many possible solutions, to sort those solutions to pick the best ones, and then you'll learn how to test them in a fail-early and often on your way to success.

If you want to gain the tools and skills required to tackle complex problems – this program is for you!

Successful applicants will meet (Truro students will be transported free of charge) at IDEA Sandbox at the Dalhousie Engineering Sexton campus on Thursdays, from 5:30pm - 8:30pm, September 29 - November 3rd. Supper and all required materials will be provided.

This program is a collaboration between the Dal Sandboxes- Surge, Cultiv8, and IDEA. If you'd like more information before signing up, contact one of them! 

To register please visit: