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*NEW* Virtual Pomodoro Study Sessions

Posted by Dal Studying for Success Program on February 15, 2022 in General Announcements

*NEW* Virtual Pomodoro Study Sessions

Do you sometimes have study tasks to accomplish but lack the motivation to start or the discipline to follow through? Breaking work into intervals can help get you going and help you maintain productivity.

Join us every Tuesday from 12:30pm - 2pm for virtual Pomodoro Productivity Pods, where you can sit quietly in a group setting for three 25-minute focused sessions (with breaks in between) and get your work done. Re-write notes, work on that assignment that's due, listen to lectures, read a chapter, or do a practice test!

Beginning Tuesday, Feb. 15th, our Life Sciences Study Coach, Elizabeth, will be on Teams and available during the sessions if you have study skills questions while you work. Make yourself accountable! Stay focused! Join in!