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Teaching Assistant Postings: School of Health & Human Performance

Posted by School of Health and Human Performance, Faculty of Health on December 21, 2021 in Job Postings

The School of Health and Human Performance in Dalhousie's Faculty of Health invites applications from qualified candidates for various teaching assistant (TA) positions commencing January 2022 for 4-months (end of April 2022). The primary duties of these positions vary but typically involve facilitating undergraduate laboratory experiences, responding to student emails, grading assignments, and proctoring exams/quizzes. If you are interested in applying for any of these teaching assistant (TA) positions, please submit your application using the following link. The deadline for application submissions is December 31, 2021 at 4:00 PM (AST).


Two positions (90-hours) HPRO 2361 - Program Planning
Course description: Designing, planning, implementing and evaluating programs is fundamental to both leisure services and health promotion. Both disciplines develop programs to enhance the quality of life for individuals, groups and communities. This course reviews the principles of program planning, various program planning models, and examples of programs that are pertinent to leisure services and health education/promotion. The planning process will include issues such as targeting specific populations, scanning for needs and assets, partnering, managing stakeholder relationships, and evaluation.

One position (90-hours) HPRO 4422 – Environmental Health
Course description:
Individual health and well-being is partially determined by the values we hold and the choices we make as individuals. Equally important is the environment that enables us to make those choices that maintain and enhance our health. This course emphasizes the importance of the environment, both physical and social, and how it is implicated in the work of health promoters and other health professionals. The content reviews principles of natural and social ecology, the role of policy in shaping our environments, and research aimed at understanding the impact of various environmental conditions on health. Students will explore environmental health issues within the community and propose educational strategies to maintain and enhance health and well-being.

One position  (110-hours) KINE 1102 - Physical Activity and Health
Course description: This course is designed to introduce students to the connection between exercise and health. The lecture portion explores how exercise affects the most prevalent diseases currently afflicting our society. The laboratory portion is designed to help students develop a progressive exercise program for themselves based on their current fitness and strength levels as well as physical activity preferences.

One position (65-hours) KINE 3430 – Principles of Skills Acquisition
Course description:
This course will provide students with experience in applying the theoretical concepts of motor control and learning. Variables that impact on skill acquisition, practice and instruction will be examined and applied. Real world settings will be used to illustrate the application of the principles of skill acquisition.

One position (45-hours) HPRO 3250 – Human Nutrition
Course description:
This course focuses on the science of nutrition and the role of nutrition in health. We study how the body responds to different nutrients including protein, carbohydrate, fat, vitamins, minerals, and water. Current knowledge and controversies regarding the role of diet in disease and optimal health will be explored.

One position (65-hours) HPRO 2120 – Health Promotion Policy
Course description:
The purpose of the course is to introduce students to the concept of policy and health promotion policy in particular. Students will be exposed to content that describes how policy is developed/approved/changed on the basis of research/evidence and what processes/tools can be used to influence political decision-making as it relates to the adoption of new/changed policy. Through the use of case studies, students will be asked to critically analyze existing health promotion policies and understand issues related to policy interpretation, application and compliance at national, provincial and local levels.

One position (45-hours) HPRO 4101 – Advanced Topics in Applied Research Methods in Health Promotion and Policy
Course description:
The purpose of this course is to provide students with an opportunity to develop their understanding of research methodologies and apply their knowledge to a specific health promotion topic. Health policies will be discussed and considered relative to specific health issues.

One position (90-hours) HAHP 3000 – Community Development
Course description: This course examines the nature and process of community development, reviews differing interpretations and approaches to community development, and provides students the opportunity to develop skills to catalyze and engage in the process. The course will investigate current Canadian initiatives and projects that encourage the practice of community development and provide the opportunity to witness and become involved in local health-related projects that foster the principles of community development.