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Dalhousie Advanced Network Project ‑ modernizing the way you connect

Posted by Information Technology Services on December 16, 2021 in General Announcements

The Dalhousie Advanced Network Project is modernizing the way you connect. A new network will be rolled out across Dalhousie campuses and University of King’s College. The network will implement the latest technology using up to date best practices and industry standard solutions. The new network will continue to support the current and future needs of education and research by providing increased security and improved network capacity and accessibility. 

Current status

We are currently in the Construction Phase, which includes adding new devices into the existing network, configuring the identity/security policies for consistent user access and implementing automation tools to streamline network management. We are targeting a winter timeframe for the wired deployment and spring/summer 2022 for the wireless deployment.

Will my network connection be disrupted during the network upgrade?

The network upgrade is a major undertaking and plans are in place to minimize disruption during standard business hours however there may be minor disruption to network service which will be communicated prior to the upgrade.

How will the network be rolled out?

The new Dalhousie network will be rolled out using a phased approach.  Buildings will be upgraded to the network according to schedule, which we will share closer to the rollout.  During the rollout, if you are in a building that has transitioned to the new network, you will connect to the new Dalhousie network. If you are in a building that has not yet transitioned to the new network, you will continue to connect to the current network “DAL-WPA2”.  

What should I look for after the Dal Advanced Network upgrade is complete?

Check to make sure your workstation and mobile devices can connect to the network. If your workstation or device fails to connect to the new network once the upgrade is complete, you may need to restart your computer. Contact the Service Desk if a restart doesn’t resolve the problem.  

My device stopped working after the upgrade was complete, what should I do? 

Please restart your computer or mobile device first and if that fails to resolve the issue, contact the Service Desk at 902.494.4357.

Get more information 

Learn more about the Dalhousie Advanced Network Project by visiting the myDAL site to watch a brief video or by visiting the project site.