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Register for this week's Mental Health 101 Training

Posted by Student Health and Wellness on November 24, 2021 in General Announcements

The next virtual Mental Health 101 workshop will take place from 2-4pm this Friday, November 26 and there is still room to register.

This two-hour presentation is delivered jointly by a Dalhousie Counsellor and a Dalhousie student representative. 

Mental Health 101 is a short, yet informative presentation developed for university faculty and staff to increase awareness and understanding of mental illness and mental health problems, thus increase your confidence in supporting students.  

By taking Mental Health 101, you will:  

  • Achieve a better understanding of mental health and mental illness 
  • Learn to recognize some of the common signs of student mental health issues 
  • Increase your confidence to engage with students around mental health 
  • Be aware of resources available on campus and in our community

Register for Mental Health 101 on November 26.