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Teaching Assistant posting: 12 positions available with the Department of Physiology and Biophysics

Posted by Department of Physiology and Biophysics (Faculty of Medicine) on July 23, 2021 in Job Postings

Application Deadline: August 6, 2021


  • 10 PHYL1001/1011 TA positions – 45 hours each
  • 1 PHYL1001/1011 TA position – 65 hours 
  • 1 PHYL 3120 TA position – 65 hours

 Pay Rate: In accordance with CUPE Collective Agreement

 Work Assignment:

Teaching Assistants will be responsible for providing support for PHYL1001 Human Physiology 1 (online), PHYL 1011 Human Physiology 1 (hybrid), or PHYL 3120 Exercise Physiology (face-to-face).

 Duties will include but are not limited to the following:

 A. 10 Tutorial TA positions (45 hours each) – PHYL 1001 & 1011

Each TA will lead a section (around 50-70 students) throughout the course. The responsibilities of TAs include:

  • Leading a weekly online or face-to-face tutorial (1 h) for their section. Each tutorial will review important physiological concepts from the previous week. There are 9 tutorials scheduled for this semester and material will be provided by the instructor. TAs will be expected to review and adapt the material, as necessary. 
  • Participating in TA training provided by the course instructors.
  • Marking laboratory assignments for their section (2 labs during the semester) on Brightspace. Marking labs involve 2 steps:
    • ​​​verification of completeness of PDF submission
    • marking of written essay answers

This is an individual work, so TAs will grade around 50-70 answers per labs (anticipated time: 10-12 grading hours per lab)

  • Communicating regularly with course instructors.

Each tutorial section will be compensated as a 45 h TA position. Candidates can apply to lead one or two sections (compensated as a 90 h TA position), depending on their availability and interest. 

 B. 1 Communication TA position (65 hours) – PHYL 1001 & 1011

This TA will lead one tutorial section (see description above). In addition, this individual will be responsible for monitoring the course-specific email account and answer students' questions. As such, this person will become the first point of contact for students, will answer administrative and content-based questions via email, and direct students to appropriate resources when necessary. 

 C.  1 Exercise Physiology TA position (65 hours) – PHYL 3120

This TA will support the instructor with the delivery of this advanced exercise physiology seminar, taught on the flipped classroom principle. Specifically, the responsibilities of this TA include:

  • ​Communicating with supervisors and get familiar with weekly material and grading expectations
  • Independently reviewing online material on Brightspace to be able to guide students through the concepts
  • Attending classes when necessary. Classes run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:35-11:25AM. The chosen TA must be available for most of these classes. 
  • During class, actively communicating with students to ensure they are on the right learning path. Challenging them with additional questions. 
  • Accurately and in a timely manner, marking weekly concept maps, exams, and end-of-semester projects, in collaboration with instructors. 
  • Providing relevant feedback and constructive criticism to students to support their learning.


The successful applicants will:

  • exhibit leadership and initiative to become a role model and reliable resource for the students they work with.
  • possess superior communicating skills that allow them to provide engaging and dynamic tutorials.
  • are well-organized, reliable, ethical, and able to comply with Dalhousie's academic integrity policy to mark assignments accurately and fairly.
  • are interested in evidence-based pedagogical practices and are willing to be trained and learn.
  • understand physiological core concepts and can communicate this knowledge appropriately to the audience. 
  • (For PHYL 3120 position): interest and knowledge of exercise physiology and its impact on health and disease is an asset.

Having a graduate degree in a physiology or in a related area or currently being enrolled as a graduate student in physiology is an asset. Prior teaching or TAing experience will also be considered. 

If interested in these positions, please email your application on or before August 6, 2021 to Dr. Marie-Soleil Beaudoin ( Your application should include a cover letter that indicate which position(s) you are most interested in. If you have any questions about these positions, please contact Marie-Soleil directly. Offers of employment will be given according to CUPE guidelines. 

 All offers of employment are conditional upon sufficient student enrolment in the course and approval by the University.

Dalhousie University is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. The university encourages applications from Indigenous persons, persons with a disability, racially visible persons, women, persons of a minority sexual orientation and/or gender identity, and all candidates who would contribute to the diversity of our community. For more information, please visit