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Get involved in your DPMG

Posted by DPMG Nominating Committee on April 28, 2021 in Community Highlights

​As summer approaches, so does another round of elections for DPMG committees. There will be a range of oppotunities available to those interested in getting involved, including two positions on the Executive.

For more information about upcoming vacancies, join the DPMG Nominating Committee today at noon​.

What better time to hear from outgoing members of the DPMG Executive team about what their time on DPMG committees has meant to them — Tyler Hall (the outgoing DPMG president) and Katherine Cross (the outgoing vice-president).

1. What is your role in the DPMG?

TH: I am the Outgoing DPMG president

KC: I'm finishing my term as DPMG vice-president. Over the past two years, I have supported the impactful work of our member committees and university committee members. All while working alongside my fellow executive members to move the goals of our membership forward. ​

2. What has been the best moment of your time in the role? 

TH: Being able to connect with so many colleagues throughout our campuses has been incredible. My office works closely with some departments but without the opportunities DPMG provided, my network would be so much smaller than it is today. 

KC: It’s tough to pin-point just one moment. I would say overall I’ve been inspired by the tremendous accomplishments, collegiality and resiliency I’ve seen in our members, particularly during the pandemic.

3. How do you feel the role has added to your experience at Dal? 

TH: I feel like this role helped me grow my leadership skills. My roles at Dal have had some leadership components but being DPMG President really helped me hone those skills more and I feel much more confident going into challenging situations in my regular work environment. It has been an incredible experience and I have learned so much from my last 2 years. 

KC: When I took this role, I was at a stage of my 11 year Dalhousie career, where I was interested in pursuing opportunities to grow and stretch. This role has afforded me the opportunity to impact positive change, encourage recognition of the work of my DPMG colleagues, develop a deeper understanding of university policies and practices and grow my network exponentially. And for that, I am so very grateful

4. What piece of advice would you offer to anyone interested in this role? 

TH: Don't be afraid. Jumping into a role like this might seem scary but know there is so much support out there to help you. My executive had been an incredible sounding board and support during some challenging moments these last 2 years. Also, Kate Somers, the past president was a wonderful resource, as I hope to be for the incoming president. Just know you are not alone; all it takes to succeed is the drive and passion to support our wonderful group members.  

KC: Be confident in your skills and abilities. As with any major step, especially into a leadership role, there can be
reservation. I’m so glad I pushed through that fear of the unknown. This experience has been incredibly rewarding and energizing.

For more information about upcoming vacancies, join the DPMG Nominating Committee today at noon​.