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Posted by Environmental Sciences Program on March 26, 2019 in Job Postings

The coordinator will be responsible for organizing a series of guided lunch time walks.  The walks will focus on the urban natural environment found in and around the Dalhousie Studley Campus. There will be seven walks, occurring throughout the four seasons and covering a range of natural history topics such as edible plants, local geology, and the marine intertidal environment. The walks will occur over lunchtime on Wednesdays and will be approximately 45 minutes in duration. Each walk will be followed up with a blog post about that day’s event. The natural history walks will lead up to and follow the annual Dalhousie BioBlitz, which occurs in September.


This position will be spread out over a period of twelve months. The successful applicant will be responsible for:

  • Contacting experts for guided walks and the Dalhousie BioBlitz
  • Recording relevant data from the guided walks on
  • Teaching participants how to use
  • Communications about the guided walks and BioBlitz, including designing and putting up posters, posting and advertising on social media and other relevant university platforms, writing blog posts
  • Collecting project feedback from participants

The Positions is 45 hours from May 1st to April 1st, and will be will paid on a monthly basis, to a fixed total amount of $1050 + 4% vacation pay. The Coordinator will report to Lara Gibson (Biology) and Sue Gass (Environmental Science).

Applications should be sent to by April 5th, 2019