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Healthy adult volunteers needed for research on memory and attention in people living with multiple sclerosis (MS)

Posted by Psychology and Neuroscience on February 21, 2018 in General Announcements

What is the purpose of the study?

  • We want to measure how fast people with multiple sclerosis (MS) complete attention and memory tasks, compared to people without MS.    
  • Cognitive problems, such as attention and memory, are common in people with MS, but we do not have enough information to pick out persons living with MS who are at risk for these problems.
  • We also do not have enough information to design targeted treatments for these problems. This study is looking at a new way to test for attention and memory problems in people with MS.

 How is the study being done?

  • If you agree to be in this study, you will come to the NS Rehabilitation Centre (Summer Street, Halifax) for one 2 hour (approximately) visit.

 Can I participate?

For this study to be right for you, all of these must apply:

  • You must be between 20 – 60 years of age
  • You must not have a diagnosis of a depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, or a learning disability
  • You must have normal or corrected to normal vision
  • You do not have any neurological or neurosurgical disorders (i.e., MS, Parkinson's, head trauma, etc.)

 How do I get more information?