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You and organizational values

Posted by Human Resources on September 12, 2017 in Human Resources

When your values and beliefs align with the values of your organization, going to work each day can feel like a rewarding, enriching experience. But what if they don't? How do you overcome feelings of value misalignment or conflict, and do so without affecting your work or your professional relationships?

In viewing this 6 minute Skillsoft Online video, Do You Share Your Organization's Values?, you may think about how your values align with the values of your workplace. Through a workplace scenario, the video explores ways of identifying and addressing areas of personal and organizational value conflict.

This video is linked to these workplace behaviours which are defined under the Dal core competency of Integrity:

·         Aligns behaviours with organization values, mission and vision

·         Demonstrates belief in others’ good will and integrity

·         Displays honesty and appropriate level of transparency

Dalhousie's Core Competencies

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