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Job Postings

Posted by Human Resources on May 31, 2017 in Job Postings

Posting Number: N77-17049
Title: Data Entry Specialist
Classification: C5
Department: Office of Advancement
Apply by: June 17, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/648997

Posting Number: DPMG-17038
Title: Assistant Registrar, Recruitment and Admissions (2 Positions)
Classification: ADM5
Department: Registrar's Office
Apply by: June 12, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649004

Posting Number: GPD-17023
Title: Development Officer
Classification: Grant-paid
Department: Roméo Dallaire Child Soldiers Initiative at Dalhousie University
Apply by: June 14, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649009

Posting Number: N77-17050
Title: Animal Care Technician
Classification: T6
Department: Psychology & Neuroscience
Apply by: June 5, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649033

Posting Number: N77-17051
Title: Administrative Secretary
Classification: AS1
Department: Centre for Advanced Management Education (CFAME)
Apply by: June 5, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649039

Posting Number: N77-17052
Title: Senior Thesis Clerk
Classification: C6
Department: Faculty of Graduate Studies
Apply by: June 12, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649050

Posting Number: N77-17048
Title: Clerk (Part-Time)
Classification: C4
Department: Medical Sciences Program
Apply by: June 7, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649270

Posting Number: DPMG-17039
Title: Executive Assistant to the Dean
Classification: ADM4
Department: Faculty of Science
Apply by: June 9, 2017

To view this position: https://www.careerbeacon.com/preview/649343