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Thank you, Dalhousie!

Posted by United Way Committee on January 12, 2017 in Community Highlights

Just as the 2016 Dalhousie United Way campaign comes to a close, we are ecstatic to report that we have reached (and exceed) our fundraising goal this year.

“We set a fundraising goal of $160,000 this year, a modest increase over last year’s target that would carry a big impact,” says Erin Stewart-Reid, co-chair of this year’s United Way fundraising committee. “The Dalhousie community proved that when we come together, we can achieve great things, like raising $163,691.65 in a few short months for the United Way.” 

A vital community supporter, the United Way works with numerous charities in Halifax, Truro, and Saint John. “I think many people see a cause that’s important to them receiving support from the United Way, so it’s a charity that appeals to a diverse group of people, just like our own Dalhousie community,” says Peter Dykhuis, co-chair of this year’s United Way fundraising committee. “We are so proud of Dalhousie for exceeding this year’s fundraising goal.” 

Thank you, Dalhousie, for making our communities better places through your support of the United Way. Thanks also to all the Dalhousie volunteers who worked so hard on this year’s campaign.