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Media Highlight: Dalhousie University and IWK study find parents and infants benefit from hugging

Posted by Communications and Marketing on July 28, 2016 in Media Highlights

When their bundle of joy arrives, most moms and dads need no encouragement to hug their newborn baby. That new baby smell, combined with a mother's overwhelming love, makes for some pretty great snuggle time. But hugging isn't just enjoyable for new moms—it's incredibly important for the development of both babies and parents in the initial days following childbirth.

On July 18th, Huggies Canada launched their Hug Plan in support of #NoBabyUnHugged—a campaign that focuses on the importance of skin-to-skin for babies and mothers immediately after delivery. Researched and reported by Dr. Christine Chambers of Dalhousie University and Marsha Campbell-Yeo of Dalhousie / IWK Health Centre, these doctors (and mothers) wanted to promote the scientifically proven physiological and psychological benefits of skin-to-skin in an evidence-based, relatable way and felt that this program was the way to do it.

“We’re aware that we’ve lost the balance and importance of human touch,” said Dr. Campbell-Yeo, part of the School of Nursing. “We cannot forget what is basic and instinctual for mothers. Skin-to-skin makes sense and allows both mother and baby to feel happy, connected and confident. This is an important lesson that is not always available to the public.”

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