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Notice of Meeting Dalhousie University Senate

Posted by Senate on October 20, 2015 in General Announcements

Dalhousie University Senate
Monday, October 26, 2015
4:15pm ‐ 6:15pm

Carleton Campus, Halifax: Theatre A, Charles Tupper Medical Building, Agricultural Campus, Bible Hill: Principal's Boardroom, Cumming Hall

1.       Approval of Agenda

2.       Consent Agenda

2.1 Approval of Draft Minutes of September 28, 2015 Senate Meeting*

2.2 Senate Nominating Committee: Senate Standing Committee Nominations*

2.3 Senate Planning and Governance Committee: Senate Nominating Committee Nominations*
Senate faculty representative on Search Committee for VP Student Services*

3.       Matters Arising from the September 28, 2015 Senate Minutes

4.       Chair of Senate’s Report

5.       President’s Report

6.       Provost’s Report

7.       DSU President Report


8.    Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee:

8.1 New Program Proposal: Bachelor of Science, Agriculture honours*

Presenters:  David Gray, Dean, Faculty of Agriculture
Claude Caldwell, Associate Dean, Academic, Faculty of Agriculture

8.2 New Program Proposal: Master of Science, Nursing*

8.3 Modified Program Proposal: Master of Nursing*

Presenters: William Webster, Dean, Faculty of Health Professions
Kathleen MacMillan, Director, School of Nursing
Marilyn Macdonald, Graduate Coordinator, School of Nursing                 

9.            Senate Planning and Governance Committee:
Senate Principles and Values WG: Revised Constitution*

Presenter: Kevin Hewitt, Chair, Senate Principles and Values Work Group


10.              Senate Planning and Governance Committee: University Corporate Gifts

Presenters: John Hope, Assistant General Counsel, Legal Counsel Office
            Peter Fardy, Vice President, Advancement

11.         Senate Academic Programs and Research Committee:
Senate Review of the Institute for Research in  Materials*

Presenters: David Byers, Senate Review Committee Chair
            Daniel Boyd, Director, Institute for Research in Materials

12.              Report on Employment Equity History at Dalhousie

Presenters: Katherine Frank, Associate Vice President, Human Resources
            Anne-Marie DeLorey, Advisor Human Rights and Equity
            Lindie Colp-Rutley, Coordinator, Research Analytics

13.     Question Period

14.     Other Business