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Dal once again hosts Nova Scotia's top Canadian Cancer Society daffodil fundraiser

Posted by Human Resources on March 27, 2015 in Kudos

The Daffodils campaign at Dalhousie on Wednesday, March 25th, raised a total of $5,625 ($5,057 at Studley/Carleton, $200 at Sexton, and $368 at Truro). We are, for the second year, the biggest order in the province!

This huge success would not have been possible without the generosity and effort of the campaign volunteers. A huge thank-you goes to:

Maya Churbaji (Studley/Carleton Campus Coordinator)
Amanda LeBlanc (Truro Campus Coordinator)
Shelly Simpson (Sexton Campus Coordinator)
Ryan McNutt (Communications Advisor)
Martha Skerry (Treasurer)
Liz Publicover (HR Champion)
Jennifer Dooks
Joanne Martin
Bernal Betu
Kerri Greene
Sandy Logan
Trisha Aylward
Crystal MacPherson
Lindie Colp-Rutley
Jenny White

A big thank-you also goes to Jackie King in Financial Services who kept the money safely locked while we ran the campaign.