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Counselling Services: New Graduate Student Support Workshops

Posted by Counselling Services on February 24, 2015 in General Announcements

These workshops are designed for students in graduate programs who are struggling to manage stress, or to find motivation to complete their degree.

There are three workshops scheduled.  Students can attend one or more, depending on their interests and needs.

1.     How to be a Grad Student (and still have a life):
  -managing time, exploring the various roles involved in being a grad student, finding balance

 Monday, March 9,                2:30-4:30pm

2.     Under Pressure:  Dealing with stress
  -exploring unique grad school stressors,
  self-care,  relaxation skills, avoiding burnout

  Monday, March 16,              2:30-4:30pm

3.     Keep Your Eyes on the Prize:  Maintaining Motivation

   -short term and long term goals, rekindling your passion for research     and writing, finding meaning in the grad school experience.

Monday, March 23,               2:30-4:30pm
You can register in person at the Counselling Centre, 2nd Floor, LeMarchant Place, or by calling 902 494 2081, or by e-mail:

For further information, visit our website at