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Media Highlight: "'Lost' Malcolm Lowry novel published for the first time"

Posted by Communications and Marketing on October 30, 2014 in Media Highlights

Published by The Guardian:

It was only in 2000, decades after Lowry’s death in 1957, that his first wife, Jan Gabrial, confirmed in her memoir that she had a copy of the manuscript. Professor Dean Irvine at Dalhousie University said that, in 1936, Lowry had deposited a copy of the novel with Gabrial’s mother, when the two left New York for Mexico. “Jan later retrieved the copy and typed up a clean typescript in 1991. In 2003, two years after her death, the executor of the estate deposited the clean copy and other related material in the manuscripts and archives division of the New York Public Library,” said Irvine. Since then, “the typescript itself has probably been read by at most a dozen people”, said publisher the University of Ottawa Press, which released the book for the first time this week. Irvine is series editor for the publisher.

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