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Healthy Workplaces: Mental/Emotional Wellness

Posted by Human Resources on July 31, 2014 in Human Resources

In anticipation of the call for submissions for the 2014 Healthy Workplace Award at Dalhousie, this post will highlight Mental/Emotional Wellness.

Every day, each of us fall somewhere on the Mental Health Continuum. Where we find ourselves on this scale can vary a little or a lot, and we might stay in one spot for a short time or for a longer duration. Feeling free to talk about when we are experiencing mental health challenges helps create a caring and compassionate workplace.

Are you concerned about the mental health of an employee you supervise? Watch this video that explores this concern in a thoughtful and productive way, supporting an employee to find ways to get the help she needs.

Hear directly from others who have dealt with their workplace and their mental health challenge by visiting Working Through It to see a compilation of their videotaped stories.

If you, a colleague, or a family member could use some support in dealing with a personal or workplace challenge, contact our Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP), either by phone or online.

Visit the Healthy Dalhousie website any time for more information on this topic and on the Healthy Workplace Award (deadline: September 30, 2014). Keep current by following the Healthy Dalhousie blog at Reach out for assistance by emailing