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ACEnet Training Sessions in High Performance Computing

Posted by Research Services on April 30, 2014 in General Announcements

ACEnet is conducting a series of seminars on Advanced Computing at various university campuses in Atlantic Canada. The seminars are designed for people who are already or would like to do computational research.  The seminars will help users get started or learn more advanced skills, depending on the course.  Researchers, research assistants, students and IT professionals may be interested in this training.  
Some of the seminars will also be available via teleconference at ACEnet Collaboration Rooms on campuses.  
The schedule for the seminars is attached, along with the location of Collaboration Rooms for those not able to participate in person.  Participants can register at  Those attending via Collaboration Rooms in particular should register in advance to ensure the room is set up.
There is no charge for these sessions.
Please see this information sheet [pdf] for students and faculty interested in taking part.