Talking respect with Xavier Hartley (student, Get REAL hype team member)

- September 27, 2016

Dal student Xavier Hartley. (Carter Hutton photo)
Dal student Xavier Hartley. (Carter Hutton photo)

September 26-30 is Respect Week at Dalhousie, and all week we'll be publishing Q&As with just some of the individuals across the university who are working to make our community more safe and inclusive while also building a sense of pride. Learn more about Respect Week.

Name: Xavier Hartley

Hometown: Halifax, N.S .

Role: Student, Get REAL Hype Team Member/ Dal Student Life Street Team Member

What does inclusion mean to you?
Inclusion means an environment that is safe for everyone to be themselves, without any feelings of oppression or rejection from others. An inclusive environment is one that fosters the uniqueness of every individual so as to celebrate differences instead of rejecting them. Taking that into account, inclusion for Get REAL looks like an open conversation and a safe space where people can feel open to talking about their personal experiences.

Describe your group and how it supports respect on campus?
The Get REAL hype team works both on and off campus to raise awareness of issues faced by members of the LGBT+ community. We share personal experiences and provide space for open conversation to those that need talk. Our aim is to achieve a higher standard of respect in the community for LGBT+ issues and to minimize the oppression members of LGBT+ community face. We hope to minimize the use of harmful language, incorporate more inclusive language, and to help people understand the necessities of inclusion and diversity in a community.

What value does an event like Respect Week have for you?

Respect Week provides students with an opportunity to engage in meaningful change. It is a positive and intriguing way to shed light on relative social issues, and to foster community values on a university-wide scale.

Why do you think it is important to Dalhousie?
Respect Week is important to Dalhousie because it brings together the school as a whole and sheds light on social issues swept under the carpet in daily life. It helps people become comfortable with uncomfortable issues and creates a sense of social growth within the school. Dalhousie is a campus full of diversities and Respect Week helps to recognize and celebrate these diversities.

What is something about the Dalhousie community that makes you feel proud, safe and included?
Over my past five years on campus, I have been very proud of how my professors (in both the Psychology and Occupational Therapy departments) have recognized, acknowledged, and celebrated cultures and diversity through conversations and engaging activities. In doing so, it allows students to feel comfortable in a learning environment and in turn, nurtures a positive and safe university experience.

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