Marking milestones

Milestones tea celebrates long service to Dal

- June 18, 2015

Attendeees of this year's Milestones Tea. (Nick Pearce photo)
Attendeees of this year's Milestones Tea. (Nick Pearce photo)

Dalhousie is a community that changes all the time: students graduate, new students arrive and faculty/staff move through the university. Indeed, sometimes all it takes is a few years — or even a few moments — for someone to make an impact that resonates.

But across the university are individuals who’ve spent a good portion of their live as part of the Dalhousie community, making a difference day-in and day-out in the lives of students, faculty and staff. Last Friday, Dalhousie celebrated some of those individuals who within the past year reached key milestones in their Dalhousie stories: 25, 35 and 45 years served. Each received their special commemorative pin.

President Florizone spoke at the event, held in the atrium of the Steele Ocean Sciences Building, saying it was, “a chance to recognise what universities are all about. At the end of the day what makes a great university are the people.”

He continued on to describe how each member of the university’s faculty and staff contributes to the experience of each student, noting that, “the people here range from professors to those who maintain the facilities.”

Reflections on Dal legacies

Veronica Baker, a lab animal technician in research, has been at Dalhousie for 25 years. When asked what the most exciting part of her time at Dal was, she had a number of answers.

“I’ve really enjoyed seeing how much things have changed — for instance, this building (the Steele Building) was not here when I started,” she said. “It’s also been incredibly nice to be part of such a well-thought-of university and to now be acknowledged for the years of service.

“I’ve also loved watching students I’ve had the opportunity to work with and have gone on to do all sorts of things like nursing, dentistry and even med school.”

Ann Marie Banfield is a custodian and was one of two individuals this year to receive her 45-year service pin. She says she feels as if she’s “a part of Dalhousie. It’s like a family, I’ve grown up with it.” Likewise, she’s seen a lot change over the years, but one constant is what she’s loved most about her work: “How friendly the students are and coming in to work in the morning to my wonderful coworkers.”

Those honoured at this year’s event have spent amazing parts of their life at Dal, including and contributing to countless students who walk through the halls every day. Thanks to all for their hard work and dedication.

Milestones 2015

Below are the names of individuals recognized for their long service to Dalhousie this year.

45 Years

Banfield, Ann - Facilities Management
MacPherson, Angus - Mechanical Engineering

35 Years

Aiken, Linda - Law Library
Allen, Peter - Mechanical Engineering
Anjowski, Christine - Microbiology & Immunology
Baker, Veronica - Psychology and Neuroscience
Beauchamp, Christine - Biology
Beaver, John - Facilities Management
Benjamin, Lissa - College of Continuing Education
Freedman, Bill - Biology
Gallivan, Terrence - Registrar's Office
Harris, Susan - Killam Library
Hills, Laura - Financial Services
Hindlet, Jacqueline - Dental Clinic
Jamieson, Rebecca - Earth Sciences
Kaiser, H Archibald - Schulich School of Law, General
Li, Audrey - Physiology & Biophysics
Lombard, Jane - C&M, Design Svc and Photography
Melvin, Nancy - Killam Library
Nowakowski, Richard - Mathematics & Statistics
Pottie, Carol - Kellogg Library
Robar, Joanne - Student Service Centre
Sibley, Lynn - Registrar's Office, Dal AC
Veinott, Susan - Financial Services
Yemenidjian, Noubar - Process Engineering & Applied Science

25 Years

Abriel, Daniel - C&M-Design Svc and Photography
Awalt, Tina - University Health, Operations
Barkley, Maryanne - Housing & Conference Services
Beaver, Donna – Law, Dean's Office
Broussard, Tammy - Dentistry ,Dean's Office
Bundy, Raymond - Facilities Management
Burton, Peter - Economics
Carr, Darwin – Grounds,Dal AC
Charman, Judy - Surgery
Chauhan, Balwantray - Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences
Cole, Darren - Biomedical Engineering Medicine
Conrod, Joan - Business Administration
Crews, Sheri - Financial Services
Emms, Roberta - Dental Clinic
Foley, Carol Ann C - Facilities Management
Fraser, Susan - Facilities Management
Gobessi‐Lynch, Carla - Housing & Conference Services
Goodday, Reginald H B - Oral & Maxillofacial Sciences
Grant, Rebecca - College of CE Pathways,Admin
Hanisch, Beatrice - Psychology and Neuroscience
Hanlon, Gregory - History
Harpell, Marlene - Facilities Management,Dal AC
Hart, Maura - Enterprise Application Services
Hayden, Audra - Dental Clinic
Holmes, Susan - College of CE Pathways, Admin
Horne, Lauriel - Facilities Management
Howlett, Susan - Pharmacology
Judge, Walter - Oceanography
Kaiser, F Eileen - Pathology
Kay, Jeffrey - Plant and Animal Science
Lang, Bianca - Pediatrics
Langille, Donald - Community Health & Epidemiology
Langley, Joanne - Pediatrics
Leaf, Sandi - Pharmacology
Leddin, Desmond - Medicine
Lennox, Heather - Economics
Lesins, Glen - Physics and Atmospheric Science
Liu, Xiang-Qin - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
MacGillivray, Mary - Resource & Environmental Studies
Machan, Karen - Killam Library
MacInnis, Janice - Human Resources
MacKenzie, Tracey - Environmental Sciences
MacKinnon, Marian - International Develop Studies
MacMillan, Ann - Pediatrics
McGrath, Patrick - Psychology and Neuroscience
Mills, Pamela - University Health,Operations
Muir, Findlay - Studley Audio Visual
Murphy, Paul - Physiology & Biophysics
Murray, Stephen - Law Library
Perry, David - General University
Pitts, Nancy - Environmental Sciences
Ro, Hyo-sung - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Saunders, Linda - Kellogg Library
Schmeisser, June - Facilities Management
Semba, Kazue - Medical Neuroscience
Shippien, Catherine - Facilities Management
Stubbert, Ronald – Management, Dean's Office
Sutherland, Clifford - Facilities Management
Thomas, Bradley - Print Centre
Too, Catherine - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Trevors, Mary - Microbiology & Immunology
Van Den Hof, Mike - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Walsh, Noreen - Pathology
Weir, Beth - Health Professions, Dean's Office
Wentzell, Peter - Chemistry
Whelan, John - Saint John Regional Hospital
White, Robert - Chemistry
Williams, M Pamela - International Centre

This list was compiled by the President's Office and Human Resources in consultation with faculties and departments. If you believe anyone was left off this list in error, they are more than welcome to attend the event next year. Contact the President's Office at 902-494-3804.


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