Celebrating lasting legacies

- June 26, 2014

The 25-, 35- and 45-year pins. (Danny Abriel photo)
The 25-, 35- and 45-year pins. (Danny Abriel photo)

Last Thursday afternoon, faculty and staff from across Dalhousie’s campuses gathered in the sun-filled atrium of the Life Science Research Institute to celebrate the service they have contributed to the university.

In recent years, Dal has hosted a “25 year tea” to celebrate employees who’ve worked at the university for a quarter-century. This year, the event was expanded to also include employees who reached the 35- and (yes) even 45-year mark between June 2013 and June 2014. Also, for this year only, it included 11 individuals who had achieved 40 years of service, as the 25 year tea had not been established when they hit that particular milestone and the university wanted to make sure their contributions were recognized.

“Though our students may only be here for three, four or more years at a time, the people who work here help craft Dalhousie’s larger narrative, help build the environment in which our teaching, our research and our service can thrive,” said President Richard Florizone.

Dal employees from Medicine to Human Resources, from Facilities Management to Mechanical Engineering, came out to receive certificates and pins for long service.

Bonnie Van Buskirk, administrative officer and executive assistant to the president, was one of those honoured for 25 years of service. She has worked with three Dal presidents and said she was honoured to be part of the event.

“It’s great to see our staff gathered together,” she said. “These names often come across my desk, or CC’d in an e-mail and I get to put a face to a name and talk to people about their time at Dal.”

Katherine Frank, assistant vice-president of Human Resources, says expanding the tea event is about celebrating the accomplishments and contributions of Dal’s faculty and staff communities.

“Dalhousie has a significant number of faculty and staff who begin and end their careers here or who provide us with long service,” she explained. “It is important to acknowledge that their work makes Dalhousie work and we are appreciative of their service. This year we revamped our awards to include a greater number of service years, which meant we were able to recognize more individuals and take time to say ‘thank you.’”

In addition to faculty and staff who were recognized at the event for 25, 35, 40 and 45 years of service, those who are hitting the 15-year mark will be getting a certificate in campus mail, as will faculty and staff who could not make it to the event in person.

Below are the names of individuals recognized for their long service at this year's event:

45 Years

Edward Dailpay - Facilities Management

40 Years (received 35 year pin/certificate)

Brenda Detienne - Faculty of Medicine - General
Aidan Evans - Networks and Systems
Lorna Fraser - Dentistry - Dean's Office
Patricia Lane - Biology
Everette MacDonald - Housing & Conference Services
Nancy Martin-Dempsey - University Secretariat-Senate
Barry Mosher - Carleton Animal Care Facility
Jack Novack - College of CE Prof Dev - Admin
Ronald O'Dor - Biology
David Precious - Oral & Maxillofacial Sciences
Alice Smith - Physiology & Biophysics

35 Years

Monica Baccardax - MedIT - Computing & Media Svcs
Robert Bortolussi - Pediatrics
Carollyn Crewe - Business and Social Sciences
Victor Day - Counselling & Psychological Serv
Marlene Daye-Smith - Financial Services
Donna Edwards - Classics
Patrick Ellis - Kellogg Library
Thomas Gill - Process Engineering & Applied Science
Rosemarie Godfrey - Schulich School of Law - General
Kevin Grundy - Chemistry
Deborah Hayes - Pediatrics
Tina Jones - History
John Kirk - Spanish & Latin American Studies
Donald Lawrence - Aquatron
Mary Louise Matheson - Registrar's Office
Cindy Miller - Kellogg Library
Ruth Murray Engineering - Dean's Office
Deborah Parker - Human Resources
Cindy Penney - Physiology & Biophysics
Gisele Phelan - Radiology
Stephen Price - Psychology and Neuroscience
Beverley Rodgerson - Biology
Janice Slauenwhite - Killam Library
Cheryl Smith - VP Student Services
Karen Smith - Killam Library
Marlene Tizard - Facilities Management
Charles Walls - Earth Sciences
Faye Woodman - Schulich School of Law - General

25 Years

Mary Jane Adams - Facilities Management
Nouman Ali - Civil & Resource Engineering
Peter Anderson - Urology
Brian Armson - Obstetrics & Gynaecology
Joy Armson - Human Communication Disorders
Fabian Atwell - Facilities Management
Barbara Bigelow - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Robert Blunden - Business Administration
Gerry Brosky - Family Medicine
Susan Brousseau - Senate
Timothy Butland - Facilities Management
Claude Caldwell - Plant and Animal Science
Stewart Cameron - Family Medicine
Viola Caume - Business Administration
Tammy Chouinard    - Dentistry - Building Services
Sai Chua Academic - Computing Services
Karen Conrod - Computer Science
Anne Marie Coolen - Sci, Information Tech, Eng Co-op Ed
James Crouse - Physiotherapy
Raymond Dube - Process Engineering & Applied Science
Kathy Eisan - Kellogg Library
Becky Field - Marine Affairs Program
Stephen Fowler - Aquatron
Martin Fraser - Facilities Management
Michele Gallant    - Art Gallery
Pauline Gardiner Barber - Sociology & Anthropology
Gary Gaudet - Facilities Management
Jacqueline Gilby - Nursing
Kevin Gordon - Pediatrics
David Hoskin - Pathology
Grace Johnston - School of Health Administration
Andrew Kernohan - Business and Social Sciences
David Kirkpatrick - Surgery
Simone Laforest - Carleton Animal Care Facility
Maxine Langman - Applied Oral Sciences
Mark LeBlanc - Electrical & Computer Engineering
Brad Little - Facilities Management
Leslie Lord - University Veterinarian
David Lowe - Facilities Management - Dal AC
Christina Luckyj - English
Elizabeth MacDonald - Engineering - Dean's Office
Colleen Mahoney    - Bookstore
Ruth Martin Misener - Nursing
Marlyn McCann - Killam Library
Moira McConnell - Schulich School of Law - General
Annette McDonald - Financial Services
David Mensink - Counselling & Psychological Serv
Theodore Migas - Facilities Management
Florence Millard - President's Office
Pamela Mills - Central University
Donalda Mitchell-Snell - Microbiology & Immunology
Christopher Moore - Science - Dean's Office
Nancy Morrison - Medicine
Norma Murphy - Nursing
Alan Pinder - Biology
Joanne Power - Medicine - Dean's Office
Judith Read Guernsey - Community Health & Epidemiology
Gordon Rines - Facilities Management
Denis Riordan - Computer Science
Patricia Rodee - Intl Research & Development
Eva Rogerson - Carleton Animal Care Facility
Steven Russell - Business and Social Sciences
Robert Sadler - Medicine
Hugh Scarth - Saint John Regional Hospital
Jessica Scott - Kellogg Library
Bruce Smith - Mathematics & Statistics
Cynthia Staicer - Faculty of Science - General
Dina Teixeira Hunt - Medical Research Foundation
V. Ismet Ugursal - Mechanical Engineering
Bonnie Van Buskirk - President's Office
Adele Vukic - Nursing
Sandra Walde - Biology
Dawne Walker - College of Continuing Education
Kenneth Webber - Networks and Systems
Blair Westhaver - Facilities Management
Linda Wheatley - Bookstore
Cecily Williams - Financial Services
Christopher Wright - Psychology and Neuroscience
Linda Wright - Housing & Conference Services

This list was compiled by the President's Office and Human Resources in consultation with faculties and departments. If you believe anyone was left off this list in error, they are more than welcome to attend the event next year. Contact the President's Office at 494-3804.


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