Top 5 reasons to take summer classes

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- April 16, 2013

Studying outside > studying inside.
Studying outside > studying inside.

Skeptical about taking classes in the summer? You’re not alone. But there are actually a ton of benefits to spending time in the classroom when you’d rather be outside enjoying the weather. Here are some things to consider when browsing that summer timetable.

1. Maximum absorption rate
By taking a class or two in the summer, your schedule isn’t jammed with other assignments, classes, or “institutional commitments.” This freedom allows you to fully concentrate on one or two core classes so you can fully absorb the information. Unless you need to boost a mark, the class you’re taking is usually focused on something that intrigues you, makes you think, and makes you want to delve even further into the subject. Summer classes are more frequent, faster paced, and more tightly structured, allowing you to fully invest your mind to one subject.

2. Meeting new people
In the midst of chaos, otherwise known as a fall or winter semester, making new friends isn’t always at the top of mind during class. Summer classes can allow you to better connect with your classmates. Whether they flunked first-year bio or are just interested in the subject matter, it’s a comforting thought to know you have shared interests. Why not talk about those interests on one of Halifax’s great patios?

3. Free up your fall or winter semesters
Taking summer classes can be a strategic move. If you know you’re in for a busy semester bursting with schoolwork, social commitments, or part-time work, it’s not a bad idea to work toward fulfilling your degree requirements and credit hours in the summer. Or you could a prerequisite class for something you plan to take in the fall.

4. Brain push-ups
If a muscle isn’t constantly in use, it can lose strength. Your brain is no exception. A summer class, whether online or in a classroom, works like a brain treadmill. It’ll keep your critical and analytical skills moving so when the fall semester rolls around, you won’t experience the all-too-common September summer lag.

5. Intellectual vocation
There are tons of intellectually stimulating classes, knowledgeable professors and insightful things to learn. Who knows — you may even discover a new passion. Don’t sell yourself short.

Thinking of taking a summer class? Classes are offered starting in May, June, July, and August. Check out all the available courses on the summer timetable.

Julia Manoukian is a student writer with Dalhousie Student Services.


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