Professors in the Department of Economics are actively engaged in research and consulted as experts on a wide variety of topics. A number of faculty members conduct and supervise research on the determinants of income, health and well-being of people in Canada and internationally; and macroeconomic policy both nationally and internationally.

Recent working papers published by faculty members include:

  • Net Impact of COVID-19 on REIT Returns by Y Cai and K Xu
  • Economic Insecurity and Well-being by L Osberg
  • Monetary policy and the term structure of Inflation expectations with information frictions by J McNeil.
  • The Effects of a Green Nudge on Municipal Solid Waste: Evidence from a Clear Bag Policy by M Akbulut-Yuksel and C Boulatoff.
  • Estimation of Impulse response functions with term structure local projections by J McNeil
  • Policy Regimes, Income Inequality and Growth in Canada since 1946 by L Osberg
  • Modeling interest rate setting at the European Central Bank with bargaining models and counterfactuals by J McNeil
  • Information Flow and Price Discovery Dynamics by L Wu, K Xu and Q Meng
  • Structural Change and Global Trade Flows: Does an Emerging Giant Matter? by B. N. Dennis and T B Iscan
  • A Microstructure Study of Circuit Breakers in the Chinese Stock Markets by S Wang, K Xu and H Zhang
  • Could "Equality of Opportunity" among Commoners Suffice? by L Osberg
  • The Shattered “Iron Rice Bowl”— Intergenerational Effects of Economic Insecurity During Chinese State-Owned Enterprise Reform* by N Kong, W Zhou and L Osberg