Admissions Criteria


To be considered for a seat in one of the new Medical Sciences cohorts, we will look at your grades, how you self-identify, and information related to your interest in the program and your involvement in your community.

1. Minimum grades
Students must have a grade of 80% or higher in Grade 12 English, Pre-Calculus, and in an average of these 2 courses plus 3 additional academic courses (the Registrar’s Office will decide which best 3). In other words:

Admissions average = Gr. 12 English + Pre-Calculus + 3 more academic courses

2. Identification
Students must self-identify, with consent as a member of at least one of the two following populations:

  1. First Nations Communities from the Atlantic Provinces
    a. Mi’kmaq - individuals who are Mi’kmaw and were born and/or raised in Mi’kma’ki with a substantial connection to a Mi’kmaw community in Mi’kma’ki

    b. Wolastoqiyik - individuals who are Wolastoqey from New Brunswick with a substantial connection to a Wolastoqey community. For those who are Wolastoqey from outside of New Brunswick, please see the ”NOTE” below.

  2. African Nova Scotians/Indigenous Blacks
    A distinct People who descend from free and enslaved Black Planters, Black Loyalists, Black Refugees, Maroons and other Black people who inhabited the original 52 land-based Black communities in Nova Scotia. Members of the community may also self-identify as Africadian, Afri-Scotian or Scotian.

In addition to lineage, indicators of connection to the community may also include any one or all the following:

-Born in Nova Scotia
-Raised in Nova Scotia
-Reside in one of the 52 Indigenous Black communities in Nova Scotia
-A family member resides in one or more of the 52 Black communities
-Raised in the culture of the historical Black churches of Nova Scotia
-Attend African Nova Scotian community-led events
-Participate in organizations or other activities connected to one or other of  the African Nova Scotian communities

NOTE: The new cohort program places the admission of African Nova Scotian, Wolastoqey from New Brunswick, and Mi'kmaw students, as its highest priority. However, other Black and Indigenous students across Canada are also urged to apply to the Medical Sciences program. If, in any given year, all qualified African Nova Scotian, Wolastoqey from New Brunswick, and Mi'kmaw students have been admitted and there are still spaces available, Black students who are not indigenous to Nova Scotia and Indigenous students who are not Wolastoqey from New Brunswick, or Mi'kmaw, may be admitted through the IPMP cohort or through the regular application process.

3. Secondary admissions components
In addition to grades and identification, applicants must also provide a personal statement and community letter of reference. For details, please click secondary admissions components.

Important Deadline Information

General Application deadline February 15

Secondary Admission Components deadline: Those applicants wishing to be considered for the IPMP initiative can submit their secondary admission components after the February 15 deadline to be considered for one of the 20 reserved seats.   

Applicants seeking admissions consideration through the IPMP initiative should be aware that the admissions committee meets regularly throughout the year to make offers to qualified applicants. A late request for admissions consideration will be reviewed, provided there are still available seats.