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EGMO 2019

Posted by Jenny Edison on May 27, 2019 in Mathematics and Statistics, News
The 2019 EGMO Team
The 2019 EGMO Team

Canada’s second EGMO (European Girls Mathematical Olympiad) team, led by Dalhousie’s  Dorette Pronk (and Sarah Sun from GoldSpot Discoveries, Inc.), has earned two Bronze Medals and two Honourable Mentions at this year’s competition which was held in Kyiv, Ukraine.   The ‘by invitation only’ team of girls was largely chosen based on their results in the Canadian Open Mathematics Challenge as well as by a team selection test. The chosen team of girls (none from NS) was trained over a weekend in February at the Fields Institute in Toronto.  The EGMO is an international competition for school aged girls consisting of six questions that each girl must solve individually over two days. Dorette was quoted as saying, “We are celebrating two bronze medals and two honourable mentions, but more importantly, hard work, beautiful mathematics and unique solutions by all team members.”  EGMO 2020 will take place in the Netherlands.