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ILA‑TD Scholarship

There are many barriers facing African Nova Scotian youth pursuing academic success and Imhotep’s Legacy Academy is working reduce as many of them as possible. ILA has partnered with TD Bank to create a four-year renewable scholarship for ILA program graduates entering Dalhousie University. Its purpose is to reduce the financial barrier for African Nova Scotian students pursuing studies in STEM related fields.

The total amount awarded upon entry to Dalhousie, will be determined, if selected in each of Grades 7 to 12, as shown in the table below.

Therefore based on this system, each scholarship is valued at up to $5,000/year of university, if selected for the scholarship each year from grade 7 to 12. Renewal is granted each year for up to three additional years, contigent on satisfactory academic performance (minimal GPA of 2.7) in STEM related programs at Dalhousie (e.g. BSc, BEng, BScN, BScKin, BScTR and others as described in the Dalhousie University calendar.) In addition to a monetary award, the scholarship also includes a mentorship with an accomplished STEM professional.

Promising scholars are identified at an early stage in their participation in the ILA’s programs. On a yearly basis, ILA staff recommends suitable candidates to the ILA – TD Bank Opportunity Scholarship selection committee. Recommended candidates will be informed of their selection and continued eligibility on a yearly basis. Selection is based on, but not limited to:

  • a high level of participation in ILA’s programs
  • demonstrated interest in STEM through participation in related activities or programs
  • enrolment in grade 12 in a minimum of two of the following: academic, advanced or IB Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics courses.

The ILA – TD Bank Opportunity scholarship selection committee is composed of members of the ILA’s afterschool and virtual high school steering committees, and a representative from the Dalhousie administration (normally the Assistant Registrar, Scholarships and Awards.)