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Fall 2023

Department Seminars are held usually on Friday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm (Room 2198 McCain Building) unless otherwise advertised.

Date Guest Speaker Affiliation Title of Paper
Sep 22 Gabrielle Vasey

Concordia University

The Impact of Child Labor on Student Enrollment, Effort and Achievement: Evidence from Mexico
Oct 13 Edda Claus Wilfrid Laurier University Purse Strings Versus Heart Strings: Transmission Channels in Economics and Psychology
Oct 27
Yigit Aydede St. Mary's University Understanding the Dynamics of a Viral Spread by Sparse Composite Likelihood Selection
Nov 3 Nicholas Lawson Université du Québec à Montréal Passing the Buck(s): Welfare-Improving International Emission-Reduction Subsidies
Nov 10 Victor Aguiar University of Western Ontario Dynamic and Stochastic Rational Behavior
Nov 24 James McNeil Dalhousie University The term structure of interest rates in a noisy information model

Summer 2023

The summer seminar will be held Wednesday, June 21st from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm (Room 2184 McCain Building) and virtual.  Please email for the link.

Date Guest Speaker Affiliation Title of Paper
Jun 21 Lucienne Talba

University of Toronto

Of Cattle and (Wo)men: Animal Domestication and Gender Disparities in Sub-Saharan Africa

Winter 2023

Department Seminars are held usually on Friday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm (Room 2184 McCain Building) unless otherwise advertised.

Date Guest Speaker Affiliation Title of Paper
Jan 20 (Virtual) Felipe Valencia Caicedo

Univeristy of British Columbia

Tordesillas, Slavery and the Origins of Brazilian Inequality
Feb 10 George Stefanidis York University  Rate caps on revolving credit lines: Who benefits?
Mar 3 Nicholas Peter Lawson Université du Québec à Montréal Firms' Organizations and the Minimum Wage
Mar 10 Chris Gunn Carleton University Split Personalities: The Changing Nature of Technology Shocks
Mar 17 Sophie Osotimehin Université du Québec à Montréal Aggregate, Regional and Sectoral Implications of Transportation Costs
Mar 24 Steven Lehrer Queen's University Algorithms for Predictive Analysis: Communication, Privacy and Weights
Mar 31 (Virtual) Serena Canaan Simon Fraser University Keep Me In, Coach: The Short- and Long-Term Effects of Targeted Academic Coaching

Fall 2022

Department Seminars are held usually on Friday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm (Room 302 Dunn Building) unless otherwise advertised.

Date Guest Speaker Affiliation Title of Paper
Sep 16
Lars Ehlers

Université de Montréal

Robust Minimal Instability of the Top Trading Cycles Mechanism
Oct 21 J. Atsu Amegashie University of Guelph Market segregation in the presence of customer discrimination
Oct 28 Kilian Huber University of Chicago Corporate Discount Rates
Nov 4 Ismael Mourifié University of Toronto On the validity of the instrumental variable approach
Nov 18 Marlène Koffi University of Toronto Cassatts in the Attic

Nov 25

Greg Tkacz St. Francis Xavier University Inflation, Real Stock Returns and Financial Crises
Dec 2 (virtual seminar) David Rosé   Wilfrid Laurier University Competition and Discrimination in Public Accommodations: Evidence from the Green Books

Fall 2021

Department Seminars are held virtually on Friday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm unless otherwise advertised.  Register in advance for the seminars using the following link:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting. Please note you need to register to zoom (if you have not used zoom before) for security reasons. 

Sep 24
Eric Chyn Dartmouth College The Causal Impact of Removing Children from Abusive and Neglectful Homes
Oct 1 Julian Reif  University of Illinois Health Risk and the Value of Life
Oct 8
Garth Heutel  Georgia State University Climate Policy, Financial Frictions, and Transition Risk

Oct 15 (2:30-6:20 pm)

ACEA Virtual Mini-Conference   A YouTube recording of the conference is available here.
Oct 22 Alexander MacKay Harvard Business School
Estimating Models of Supply and Demand: Instruments and Covariance Restrictions
Oct 29 Gloria Sheu  Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System Mergers, Entry, and Consumer Welfare
Nov 5 Evan Mast  University of Notre Dame Warding Off Development: Local Control, Housing Supply, and NIMBYs
Nov 19 Borgschulte, Mark University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Schooling and Political Activism in the Early Civil Rights Era
Nov 26 Simon Quinn University of Oxford Learning Management Through Matching: A Field Experiment Using Mechanism Design
Dec 3 Kareem Haggag  UCLA Moved to Vote: The Long-Run Effects of Neighborhoods on Political Participation

Winter 2020

Department Seminars are held usually on Friday afternoons from 2:30 pm to 4:00 pm (Room 302 Dunn Building) unless otherwise advertised.

30  Jan Kevin Fawcett University  of Toronto Match quality, on the job search and wage-tenure Contracts
31 Jan James McNeil Queens University Monetary policy and the term structure of inflation expectations with information frictions
11 Feb  Genevieve Nelson University of Oxford Securitization and House Price Growth
Diana Alessandrini  St. Francis Xavier University Progressive taxation and economic stability
Steven Lehrer  Queens University An Initial Assessment of the Hype for Machine Learning Strategies for Prediction and Causal Effects (CANCELLED)
Ehlers Lars  Montreal University CANCELLED

Fall 2019

20 Sep Joann Jasiak York University Noncausal Processes in Application to Bitcoin Analysis
27 Sep Vikram Manjunath Univ. of Ottawa Strategy-Proof Exchange under Trichotomous Preferences
4 Oct Dinghai Xu Univ. of Waterloo Modelling Asset Returns under Price Limits with Mixture Models
11 Oct Dave Wozniak Eastern Michigan University Diversity Effects for Altruistic Behavior: Evidence from the field and international data
18 Oct John Roemer Yale Univ. What is socialism today? Conceptions 1 of a cooperative economy
25 Oct Elif Dalkir UNB Adverse Selection and Pay-in-kind Debt Contracts
1 Nov Robin Boadway Queen's Univ. Implementing a Basic Income Guarantee in Canada: Prospects and Problems.
8 Nov Ana Dammert Carleton Univ. He Said, She Said: Child Labor Measurement in Ethiopia
22 Nov Jim Davies Western Univ. of Western Ontario The World Distribution of Wealth, 2000 - 2019
6 Dec Marcus Taylor Queen's Univ. Climate Change, ’New Green Revolutions' and the Politics of Rural Development in India


Winter 2019

Lars Osberg Dalhousie University Health Implications of Economic Insecurity
Weina Zhou Dalhousie Univeristy           Group Discrimination in the Classroom and Academic Achievement
Melvin Cross Dalhousie University  Railroad Corporations, A.T. Hadley, and the Theory of the Firm in the Late 19th Century
8 Feb Elif Dalkir University of New Brunswick, Fredericton  Adverse Selection and Pay-in Debt Contracts [PDF - 52kb]
(This seminar was cancelled due to inclement weather)
Francesco Amodio  McGill University  Bribes vs. Taxes: Market Structure and Incentives [PDF - 1.5mb]
Mrittika Shamsuddin Dalhousie University Does Higher Rank Deter Risk Taking Behaviour? The Case of Migration
Ana Ferrer University of Waterloo Career progression of immigrant women across Europe
Onur Kesten Carnegie Mellon University  Efficient and Incentive Compatible Mediation: An Ordinal Mechanism Design Approach [PDF - 560kb]
Shankha Chakraborty  University of Oregon Pro-Capitalist Preference and Long-Term Development
Matthieu Chemin McGill University Does Access to the Legal System Increase Investment? [PDF - 1mb]
Apr 5 Xiaodong Zhu University of Toronto Structural Change and Aggregate Employment Fluctuations in China and the US [PDF - 198kb]


Fall 2018

7 Sep Yves Sprumont University of Montreal Strategy-proof Choice of Acts [PDF - 1.1mb]
14 Sep Nan Geng International Monetary Fund          Fundamental Drivers of House Prices in Advanced Economies [Off-site]
21 Sep Matias Cortes York University The “End of Men” and Rise of Women in the High-Skilled Labor Market
28 Sep Dapel Zuhumnan CGDEV Linking the evolution of inequality in Nigeria to the response of poverty to growth [PDF - 179kb]
5 Oct Sripad Motiram University of Massachusetts - Boston Class, Caste, and Production of City Space in India [PDF - 70kb]
19 Oct Nicholas Li University of Toronto Marketization Costs and Household Specialization: Evidence from Indian Farmers [PDF - 921kb]
26 Oct Stephen Clark Dalhousie - Truro Campus Output, Yield and Area Response to Economic, Climate and Rotation factors for Grains and Oilseeds in Saskatchewan
2 Nov Laura Turner University of Toronto Are China's Leftover Women Really Leftover? An Investigation of Marriage Market Penalties in Modern Day China [PDF - 1.2mb]
23 Nov Gabriel Bruneau  Bank of Canada How do foreign holdings in Canadian bonds affect domestic interest rates and house prices?

Winter 2018

Jan 12 Mevlude Akbulut Dalhousie University Social Unrest in Impressionable Years and the Formation of Political Attitudes" (joint with Dozie Okoye and Mutlu Yuksel)
Jan 19 Fraser Summerfield St. Francis Xavier University Government Transfers, Work and Wellbeing: Evidence from the Russian Old-Age Pension
Jan 26 Jean Denis Garon Université du Québec à Montréal Optimal Mixed Taxation, Credit Constraints and the Timing of Tax Reporting [PDF - 908kb]
Feb 2 No seminar    
Feb 9 Xiao Yuan Dong University of Winnipeg Childcare Costs and Migrant and Local Mothers' Labor Force Participation in Urban China
Feb 16 Spring break    
Feb 23 Spring break    
Mar 2 Dietz Vollrath University of Houston How Tight are Malthusian Constraints? [PDF - 441kb]
Mar 9 Damba Lkhagvasuren  Concordia University  The Role of a Persistent Match Shock in a Roy Model: Mobility, Wage-Tenure Profiles and Lifetime Earnings
Mar 16 Abel Brodeur University of Ottawa Mines, Attitudes and LGBT: Evidence from the California Gold Rush
Mar 23 Marie Connolly UQAM Social Mobility Trends in Canada: Going up the Great Gatsby Curve

Fall 2017

Sep 8 Courtney Ward Dalhousie University Health Policy in the Face of Heterogeneous Externalities: the Case of Influenza Vaccination
Sep 15 Rene Kirkegaard Guelph University Endogenous Correlation and Moral Hazard (joint with Pierre Fleckinger)
Sep 22 Kai Zhao University of Connecticut  (Cancelled) Household Saving, Financial Constraints and the Current Account Surplus  
Sep 29 Marco Gonzalez-Navarro University of Torronto Vulnerability and Clientelism
Oct 6 Remi Jedwab George Washington University The Economics of Missionary Expansion and the Compression of History, joint with Felix Meier zu Selhausen (Sussex) and Alexander Moradi (Sussex).

Oct 13

Steven Kivinen Dalhousie University Robust Group Strategy- Proofness
Oct 20 Roland Pongou Ottawa University Networked Politics: Political Cycles and Instability under Social Influences
Nov 3 Rene Saran Yale-NUS College Level-k Mechanism Design
Nov 17 Harutaka Takamashi   Meiji Gakuin University The Feldstein - Horioka Puzzle RevisitedーA Simple Solution [PDF - 836kb]
Nov 24 Andrew Hill Montana State Paying for whose performance? Teacher incentive pay and the black-white achievement gap
Dec 1 Kevin Milligan University of British Columbia Earnings, Mortality, and the Distribution of Longevity (with Tammy Schirle)

Fall 2016

Sep 23 Michel Serafinello   University of Toronto   Creativity over Time and Space
Sep 30
Bob Dimand
Brock University
John Maynard Keynes Narrates the Great Depression  
Oct 14 Pierre Nguimkeu   Georgia State University   On the Estimation of Treatment Effects with Endogenous Misreporting [PDF - 356kb] (with Augustine Denteh and Rusty Tchernis)  
Oct 28 Christos Ntantamis   Dalhousie University
Measuring the Synchronization of Bull and Bear Markets in Canadian Housing Prices [PDF - 1.2mb]
Nov 18 Ismael Mourifie University of Toronto   The Cobb Douglas marriage matching function: Marriage matching with peer effects
Nov 25 Jonathan Rosborough   St. Franics Xavier University   Government Corruption and Foreign Direct Investment Under the Threat of Expropriation [PDF - 1.2mb] (with Christopher Hajzle)

Summer 2016

Aug 31
Harutaka Takahashi Meiji Gakuin University    Nonbalanced Growth in a Neoclassical Two-sector Optimal Growth Model [PDF - 951kb]

Spring 2016

Jun 9 Matthew Webb Carleton University

A Simple, Graphical Procedure for Comparing Multiple Treatment Effects [PDF - 451kb] with Brennan S. Thompson         

Difference-in-Differences Inference with Few Treated Clusters [PDF - 443kb] with James G. MacKinnon

Winter 2016

Jan 15 Bruce McGough Oregon Agent-level learning in general equilibrium models [PDF - 798kb]
Jan 22 
Norovsambuu Tumennasan Dalhousie University Price Matching and Output
Feb 12 Andrea Brandolini Statistics and Research of the Bank of Italy European Inequality (jointly presented with The European Union Centre of Excellence)
Feb 26
Kuan Xu Dalhousie University  

Information Flow and Price Discovery in Canadian and US Stock Markets [PDF - 627kb]

rescheduled from Jan 29

Mar 4 Shintaro Yamaguchi McMaster University Childcare Availability and the Well-Being of Extended Family  
Mar 17

John F. Graham Memorial Lecuture

Michael Wolfson

University of Ottawa

Freedom 55, Not: Prospects for Canadians’ Retirement Incomes

Projecting the Adequacy of Canada’s Retirement Income System, IRPP Study, April 2011, IRPP, Montreal [Off-site]

Not So Modest Options for Expanding the CPP/QPP, IRPP Study, May 2013, IRPP, Montreal [Off-site]

What, Me Worry? Income Risks for Retiring Canadians [Off-site]

Mar 18   Michael Wolfson   University of Ottawa Contingent Inequalities – An Exploration of Health Inequalities in the U.S. and Canada
Apr 1 David Yves Albouy University of Illinois Housing Demand, Cost-of-Living Inequality, and the Affordability "Crisis"
Apr 15 Sripad Motiram University of Massachusetts On Segregation in Indian Cities: The Cases of Hyderabad and Mumbai  (with Vamsi Vakulabharanam)

Fall 2015

Sept 11 

Andrea Giusto Dalhousie  Linear Resampling of Vector Autoregressions (with T. Iscan) 
Sep 18 
Takanori Adachi Nagoya  Entrepreneurship versus intrapreneurship: How do gender and race matter differently? [PDF - 196kb] (with T. Hisada)
Sep 25 
Boston College  Lung Exchange 
Oct 2 
Robin Boadway 
Tax policy in a rent-rich economy [PDF - 526kb]
Oct 9 
Fabian Lange  McGill  Heterogeneity among the Non-Employed: Evidence from Labor Force Status Histories 
Oct 16 
Philip DeCicca  McMaster  Cowboys & Indians: Evidence from a Quasi-Natural Experiment in Cigarette Brand Loyalty [PDF - 35kb] (with D.Kenkel and F. Liu)
Oct 23 
No Talk    ACEA Meeting 
Oct 30 
Maggie Jones Queen's Incentives, Disincentives, and Academic Achievement
Mehmet Dalkir  UNB  Free-rider effect in corporate takeovers: a complete elimination may not be easy
Nov 20
Cornelius Christian St. FX
Elites, Weather Shocks, and Witchcraft Trials in Scotland [PDF - 422kb]
Nov 27
Harry Krashinsky U of T
The Causal Effect of Education on Overall Fertility: New Evidence from Canadian Data

Winter 2015

Jan 23 Pier-Andre Bouchard St-Amant INET Networks of trade and the business cycle [PDF - 750kb]
Jan 29 Norov Tumennasan Aarhus Dynamic matching markets and the deferred acceptance mechanism [PDF - 424kb] (with J. Kennes and D. Monte)
Feb 5 Luc Bridet Toulouse Selling dreams: Entrepreneur optimism and collateral use in financial contracting (with P. Schwardmann)
Feb 10 Umberto Garfagnini ITAM Is less risk really better? The role of externalities in shaping risk-taking incentives
Feb 20 Branko Milanovic CUNY Global income distribution: Current trends and political implications
Mar 5 Miles Corak Ottawa 'Inequality is the root of social evil,' or maybe not: Two stories about inequality and public policy
Mar 13 Andrew Davis Acadia The evolution of unsecured lending terms and information technology [PDF - 1.7mb] (with J. Kim)
Mar 20 Conchita D'Ambrosio Luxembourg Relative measures of economic insecurity: An application to EU countries [PDF - 514kb] (with W. Bossert) 
Mar 27 Francisco HG Ferreira World Equality of opportunity: Theory and evidence [PDF - 703kb] (with V. Peragine)
Apr 10 Santanu Roy Southern Methodist Equilibrium dynamics of entry and exit: Industry-wide learning and endogenous heterogeneity [PDF - 24kb] (with T. Kamihigashi)

Fall 2014

Sep 12
Mikal Skuterud Waterloo Immigrant skill selection and utilization: A comparative analysis of Australia, Canada, and the US [PDF - 426kb] (with A. Clarke)
Sep 19
Ben Sand York In search of labor demand (with P. Beaudry and D. Green)
Sep 26
Leonard MacLean Dalhousie Optimal capital growth with convex shortfall penalties [PDF - 607kb] (with Y. Zhao and W. Ziemba)
Oct 3
Michael Pesko Cornell Hurricane Katrina: Behavioral health and health insurance in non-impacted vulnerable counties [PDF - 555kb]
Oct 10
Georges Dionne HEC Montreal The governance of risk management (joint seminar with the School of Business Administration)
Oct 17 Chris Ferrall Queens How to design, solve and estimate discrete dynamic programs
Oct 24
Ana Ferrer Waterloo The effect of linguisitic proximity on the occupational assimilation of immigrants (with A. Adsera)
Oct 31
Brant Abbott Yale The effect of parental composition on investments in children when markets are incomplete [PDF - 317kb]
Nov 7
Steven Kivinen Dal Unemployment volatility and networks
Nov 14 Francisco Gonzalez Waterloo Naive policies against child labor can harm the children of developing nations [PDF - 300kb]
Nov 21 Vincent Boucher Laval Conformism and self-selection in social networks
Nov 28 Umut Oguzoglu Manitoba Aching to retire down under? Rise of retirement age and growth of disability support pension [PDF - 1.4mb]
Dec 5 Scott Imberman Michigan State The effects of targeted recruitment and comprehensive supports for low-income high achievers at elite universities: Evidence from Texas flagships

Fall 2013

Sep 17 Sripad Motiram IGIDR Unemployment burden and its distribution: Theory and evidence from India
Sep 20 Olave Krigolson Dal Why rational choice is not always rational: A neuroeconomic look at human decision making
Sep 27 David Gray Ottawa A dynamic analysis of the receipt of Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) status among Canadians
Oct 4 John Cawley Cornell The effect of deceptive advertising on consumption of the advetised good and its substitutes: The case of over-the-counter weight loss products [off-site] (with Rosemary Avery and Matthew Eisenberg)
Oct 11 Jason Lindo Texas A&M Breaking the link between legal access to alcohol and motor vehicle accidents: Evidence from New South Wales
Oct 18 Lars Osberg Dal What's so bad about more inequality?
Oct 25 Emilia Simeonova Johns Hopkins Education, cognition and health: Evidence from a social experiment [off-site] (with Meghir, Costas and Palme, Mårten)
Nov 1 Paul Shea Bates Housing and endogenous default
Nov 8 Roland Pongou Ottawa Communitarianism, oppositional cultures, and human capital contagion: Theory and evidence from formal versus Koranic education [off-site] (with Dev, Pritha and Mberu, Blessing)
Nov 15 Francisco Alvarez-Cuarado McGill Income inequality and saving [off-site] (with El-Attar Mayssun)
Nov 29 Ryuichi Tanaka GRIPS School choices: The effects of immigration and the Great Recession

Winter 2013

Jan 18 Chris Minns LSE The Economics of Training in a Pre-Industrial Society: Evidence from English Apprenticeship  
Jan 25 Nick Zammit Warwick Expectations Reconsidered: A Sectoral Comparison of Canadian-Australian Productivity 1871-2008
Jan 29 Dozie Okoye UWO Education Policy and Rate of Return Estimates [off-site]
Jan 30 Fernando Leibovici NYU Financial Development and International Trade
Feb 8 Joshua Lewis Toronto Fertility Child Health, and the Diffusion of Electricity in the Home
Feb 12 Laura Salisbury Boston Women's Income and Marriage Markets in the US: Evidence from the Civil War Pension
Feb 21 Nicole Fortin UBC John F. Graham Memorial Lecture
Leaving Boys Behind: Gender Disparities in High Academic Achievement
Feb 22 Nicole Fortin UBC Occupational Tasks and Changs in the Wage Structure (with T. Lemieux and S. Firpo)
Mar 8 Weina Zhou UBC China's Saving Rate and Family Structure
Mar 15 Catherine Maclean Penn Economic Fluctuations and Drug Abuse Treatment: Evidence From Admissions Data
Mar 22 Sonia Laszlo McGill Coordination, Common Knowledge, and an H1N1 Flu Outbreak (with J. Engle-Warnick, N. Mishagina, and E. Strumpf)
Apr 5 Dan Rosenblum Dalhousie A Multidisciplinary Approach to Understanding the US Heroin Market
May 10 Jeff Dayton-Johnson Monterey Central America's China Trade: Too Little, Too Late? [off-site] (with R. Avendano)

Fall 2012

Sep 14 Michael Kumhoff IMF Inequality, Leverage, and Crises [off-site] (with Romain Ranciere)
Sep 21 Stephan Klasen Göttingen A Flow Measure for Gender Mortality (correcting Anderson and Ray, 2011) [off-site] (with Sebastian Vollmer)
Oct 5 Richard Steckel OSU
The Long Shadow of American Slavery:  Human Capital, 1850-1910
Oct 12 Elaine Liu Houston Beggar-Thy-Women: Domestic Responses to Foreign Bride Competition: The Case of Taiwan [off-site] (with L. Edlund and Jin-Tan Liu)
Oct 19 Paula Adam and Chris Skedgel Eur Univ Inst and Dal Panel Discussion:  Who Should Have Priority in Access to Health Care? European and Canadian Perspectives
Oct 26 Ed Wolff NYU The Asset Price Meltdown and the Wealth of the Middle Class [off-site] (with Maury Gittleman)
Nov 2 Fabian Waldinger Warwick Bombs, Brains, and Science: The Role of Human and Physical Capital for the Creation of Scientific Knowledge [off-site]
Nov 9 David Wozniak Eastern Michigan Effects of Ambiguity in Decisions
Nov 16 Abdul Aleem Dalhousie Monetary Policy Credibility and Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Some Evidence from Emerging Countries [off-site] (with Amine Lahiani)
Nov 23 Thanasis Stengos Guelph Structural Threshold Regression (with Andros Kourtellos and Chih Ming Tan)
Dec 7 Richard Akresh Illinois Cash Transfers and Child Schooling: Evidence from a Randomized Evaluation of the Role of Conditionaity

Winter 2012

Jan 19 Michele Battisti Simon Fraser High Wage Workers and High Wage Peers
Jan 27 Amanda Michaud Minnesota An Information Theory of Worker Flows and Wage Dispersion
Feb 2 Xi Chen Cornell Identification of Stigma Behavior Through Social Networks: Blood Plasma Donation, Peer Effects and Status Seeking [off-site]
Feb 16 Mike Veall McMaster John F. Graham Memorial Lecture
The Top of the Income Distribution in Canada
Feb 17 Mike Veall McMaster Possible Causes and Consequences of the Top Income Surge
Mar 2 Andrea Giusto Dalhousie An Adaptive Learning Algorithm for Nowcasting Recessions
Mar 8 Casey Warman Queen's From Engineer to Taxi Driver? Occupational Skills and the Economic Outcomes of Immigrants [off-site] (with S. Imai and D. Stacey)
Mar 9 Jerry Hurley

McMaster Physician Response to Pay-for-performance: Evidence from a Natural Experiment [off-site] (with J. Li, P. DeCicca, and G. Buckley)
Mar 23 John Parman William & Mary Childhood Health and Sibling Outcomes: The Shared Burden of the 1918 Influenza Pandemic
Mar 30 Courtney Ward Dalhousie The Effects of School Immunization Mandates: Does prenatal exposure to state school immunization policy impact health and well-being in later life?

Fall 2011

Sep 16 Olga Shemyakina Georgia Tech Labor Market, Education and Armed Conflict in Tajikistan
Sep 23 Mutlu Yuksel Dal and IZA Rubble Women: The Long-Term Effects of Wartime Destruction on Female Labor Market Outcomes (with M. Akbulut-Yuksel and M. Khamis)
Sep 30 Vikram Kaksar IMF World Economic and Financial Outlook
Oct 7 Serge Coulombe Ottawa Quality of Human Capital and Economic Development: Estimates Using Canadian Immigrant Data [off-site] (with G. Grenier and S. Nadeau)
Oct 21 Michal Horvath Oxford Tax Reform and Automatic Stabilization: A Theoretical Assessment (with C. Nolan)
Oct 28 David Gray Ottawa Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) Status Amongst the Retired Population [off-site] (with R. Finnie and Y. Zhang)
Nov 4 Gustavo Bobonis Toronto The Dynamic Effects of Information on Political Corruption: Theory and Evidence from Puerto Rico (with L. Camara Fuertes and R. Schwabe)
Nov 18 Stanley Engerman Rochester Once Upon a Time in the Americas: Land and Immigration Policies in the New World [off-site] (with K. Sokoloff)
Nov 25 Christos Ntantamis Mt. Allison Detecting Structural Breaks Using Hidden Markov Models [off-site]
Dec 2 Chinhui Juhn Houston Men, Women and Machines: How Trade Impacts Gender Inequality