About the Graham Lecture

The Graham Lecture is an annual event supported by a memorial fund established in memory of John F. Graham, a long-time member of the Dalhousie Department of Economics, who died in 1990.

John Graham was a member of the Economics Department at Dalhousie University from 1949-1990, and Chair of the Department from 1960-1970. He was a public finance economist who specialized, in particular, in the field of intergovernmental fiscal relations. He was a consultant to the Byrne Royal Commission on Finance and Municipal Taxation in New Brunswick and to the Newfoundland Royal Commission on Education, Public Services and Provincial-Municipal Relations in the 1960s, and chair of the Nova Scotia Royal Commission on Education, Public Services and Provincial-Municipal Relations in the 1970s. He was President of the Canadian Economics Association in 1970-1971 and Vice-President of the Royal Society of Canada in 1977-1978.

John Graham was, perhaps above all else, an educator who was deeply committed to teaching. 

Past Graham Lectures

Oct 15 2022 Dr. Herb Emery
University of New Brunswick
Back to the Future or the End of History? Lessons for the Future of Atlantic Economy from Government Economic Development Strategies of the Past
Nov 28 2019 Angela Redish  University of British Columbia From ducats to Libra: New monies in historical perspective
March 28 2019 Edward Wolff
New York University
The Collapse of Middle Class Wealth in the US... but its Rise (?) in Canada
November 30 2017 Kevin Milligan
University of British Columbia
Federal-Provincial taxation for Canada's next 50 years
March 9 2017 David Green
University of British Columbia
Spillovers from Canada’s Resource Boom and How They May Have Staved off America's Fate (for now)
March 17 2016 Michael Wolfson
University of Ottawa
Freedom 55, Not: Prospects for Canadians' Retirement Incomes
March 5 2015 Miles Corak
University of Ottawa
'Inequality is the root of social evil,' or maybe not: Two stories about inequality and public policy
March 27 2014 Philip Oreopoulos
University of Toronto
How Behavioural Economics Can Help You at School and in Life
February 21 2013 Nicole Fortin
University of British Columbia
Leaving Boys Behind: Gender Disparities in High Achievement
February 16 2012 Mike Veall
McMaster University
The Top of the Income Distribution in Canada
November 25 2010 Arthur Sweetman
McMaster University
Immigrants in Canada's Workforce: How Do They Fare?
April 8 2010 Michael Baker
University of Toronto
Canada's Universal Children's Programs: A Case for Targeting?
October 30 2008 Robert Allen
Oxford University
The Industrial Revolution and the Rise of the West
November 16 2007 Curtis Eaton
University of Calgary
Well-being, Income, Growth, and Measuring the Economy
March 9 2007 Paul Beaudry
University of British Columbia
Globalization and the Income Distribution
March 10 2005 Jim Stanford
Canadian Auto Workers
Canada's Industrial Structure: Why is it regressing, is it a problem and what can we do about it?
March 25 2004 Nancy Olewiler
Simon Fraser University
Can Prices Protect Nature?
March 13 2003 Charles Beach
Queen's University
Chances in the Canadian Income Distribution: Alternative Explanations & Policy Implications
March 7 2002 Pierre Fortin
Universite du Quebec a Montreal
Keynes Resurrected
March 15 2001 Robert Evans
University of British Columbia
Can Economists Speak Truth to Power? Ethics, Economics and Health Policy
March 23 2000 Bev Dahlby
University of Alberta
The Interdependence of Federal and Provincial Fiscal Policies
March 4 1999 Francois Vaillancourt
Universite a Montreal
Canada's Federal Arrangement: Is the Most Enough?
March 16 1998 Mike McCracken
Demise of Contracyclical Fiscal Policy in Canada
March 21 1997 Jacques Parizeau
former Quebec PM
Economic Implications of Quebec Sovereignty
March 14 1996 Robin Boadway
Queen's University
The Folly of Decentralizing the Canadian Federation
March 9 1995 Allan Maslove
Carleton University
Time to Fold or Up the Ante: The Federal Role in Health Care
March 16 1994 John Helliwell
UBC and Harvard University
Income Convergence and Migration Among Canadian Provinces
April 15 1993 Richard Bird
University of Toronto
Federal-Provincial Taxation in Turbulent Times
March 19 1992 Milton Moore
University of British Columbia
The Triumph of Capitalist Ideology