Graduate Courses

Expand your knowledge

We offer a range of graduate level courses aimed at teaching the skills and knowledge needed to develop new biomedical technologies. The following is a list of courses the School of Biomedical Engineering offers. Students must contact the course instructor to determine the date, time, and location of the class if it is not listed on the online academic timetable.

Fall Term


  • BMNG5020 Cell and Molecular Biology Foundations for Biomedical Engineering (CRN 12762)
  • Instructor: John Frampton
  • BMNG 5060X Introduction to Biomedical Technology in Clinical Settings (CRN 13496)
  • Instructor: Michael Dunbar
  • BMNG5110 Biocompatibility and Biomaterials Design (CRN16824)
  • Instructor: Michael Lee
  • BMNG5210 Biomedical Instrumentation, Data Acquisition and Analysis (CRN12764/12765Lab)
  • Instructor: Rob Adamson
  • BMNG5310 Business of Medical Technology (CRN12768)
  • Instructor: David Roach

    Note: The clinical technologies course (BMNG 5060X) is a not-for-credit course that can be taken by students who wish to connect with a clinical mentor for increased exposure to the clinical environment. Please contact Dr. Michael Dunbar for details.

    Winter Term

  • BMNG5010 Introductory Human Physiology for Biomedical Engineering (CRN 24021)
  • Instructor: Mike Lee
  • BMNG5060Y Introduction to Biomedical Technologies in Clinical Settings (CRN 23227)
  • Instructor: Michael Dunbar
  • BMNG5130 Biomechanics of Human Gait (CRN22515)
  • Instructor: Janie Wilson
  • BMNG5150 Introduction to Tissue Engineering (CRN22516)
  • Instructor: Paul Gratzer
  • BMNG5230 Biomedical Signal Analysis and Modeling (CRN22517)
  • Instructor: Geoff Maksym
  • BMNG5260 Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Biology (CRN 12766)
  • Instructor: Jeremy Brown

    Directed Readings

  • BMNG 5410, 5420, 5430 Directed Readings in Biomedical Engineering (CRN12769/22520) can be taken in either the Fall or the Winter term. A supervisor may create a readings course for his or her student on a specialized topic. Please consult with your supervisor if you would like to register for a directed readings course.

  • Biomedic Courses

    The following courses will be carried forward from the recently-completed CREATE Biomedic program. Note that BMNG5060 is a pass/fail course. 
  • BMNG5060 Introduction to Biomedical Technologies in Clinical Settings
  • BMNG5310 Business of Medical Technology I
  • BMNG5320 Business of Medical Technology II






    More information about courses and registration can be found here.