Funding Opportunities


All graduate students in the School of Biomedical Engineering receive funding to support their studies. 

For the period 2020/21, average funding levels for MASc and PhD students were approximately $24,100 and $30,200 respectively:


Click Here to learn more about Tri-Agency (CGS-D & CGS-M) Fellowships, Killam Post Doctoral Fellowships and Master and Doctoral Harmonized Scholarships processes for current Biomedical Engineering students.


Teaching assistantship wages are in addition to the awards and scholarships outlined above and are for a maximum of 13 weeks per semester. Although the School of Biomedical Engineering does not offer an undergraduate program, we encourage you to serve as demonstrators or teaching assistants in any Dalhousie undergraduate department.  To apply for such a position, you can connect with the undergraduate department directly.

Teaching assistant positions are also available for graduate courses BMNG5210 and BMNG5120.