Funding Opportunities


All graduate students in the School of Biomedical Engineering receive funding to support their studies. A stipend is the annual total amount of funding a student receives before tuition and fees are deducted. This is a combination of funding from the department, from your supervisor*, and from external awards and scholarships.

Stipends are intended to offset some of the expenses incurred in pursuing graduate studies. Additional funds are often needed to cover all the costs related to living in Halifax while completing your degree. It is your responsibility to explore the full cost of tuition, fees, and living expenses and to discuss your resources and expectations for time to completion with your supervisor before accepting your admission offer.

Conditional on academic standing, there is a minimum guaranteed stipend for MASc students in years 1 and 2 of $21,000/year, and for PhD students in years 1-5 of $25,000/year. However, most students have stipends that exceed this minimum due to additional support from their supervisors* and scholarships.

*Note that Supervisor funding is derived from their research funds and is conditional upon your supervisor’s ability to secure continued research funding in the later years of your program.


Tuition and fees are set by the university and are subject to change year by year. To find more information about tuition and fees, please visit Dalhousie's Money Matters page.


Students can apply for awards and scholarships through Dalhousie or through external organizations. To find more information about scholarship and awards available to Dalhousie graduate students, please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies' page.


Teaching assistantships provide graduate students with the ability to earn income in addition to their stipend outlined above. These positions are for a maximum of 13 weeks per semester for 5-10 hours a week*. Although the School of Biomedical Engineering does not offer an undergraduate program, we encourage you to serve as demonstrators or teaching assistants in any Dalhousie undergraduate department. To apply for such a position, you can connect with the undergraduate department directly or check the CUPE 3912 website.

*Note: some scholarships limit the amount of work a student is allowed to take on to less than 16 hrs/week. You should discuss the possibility of a teaching assistantship with your supervisor before applying.